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Droid bionic

View Postkr8os71, on 19 Apr 2012 – 09:35 PM, said:

approval we hatred moto bootloaders too it zero like HTC bootloaders. we had a DX and we only didn’t like a foot tag that we had to buy in a market. we came from Droid implausible to a Thunderbolt now we only wish something different. My ascent is 3 month divided we consider ill only wait. But we don’t like a G Nex we only not diggin a character they should of done it demeanour like a tangible ascend or a note in some way. The resaon we wanted to try Bionic cuz there ICS build in many tools we know they got it nearby as possible… HTC only holding for ever to get ICS on a Thunderbolt. Thanks for your opinion.

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