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Droid 4 accessible Friday: initial Verizon LTE phone to cost $200 during launch

droid 4

Verizon is building adult a tradition of behind LTE handsets. The carrier’s initial LTE handset, a HTC Thunderbolt, went by a extensive array of delays before finally releasing final March. Several months later, a Droid Bionic showed us that a Thunderbolt’s check wasn’t usually a one-time thing. The fiasco surrounding a Galaxy Nexus’s US release in Dec usually cemented a pattern.

The Droid 4 has continued along a lines of a ancestors, receiving several delays. Well, we can finally check it off of a “indefinitely delayed” list, as Verizon strictly announced a handset’s accessibility today. It will go on sale this Friday, Feb 10, for $200 on a two-year contract.

The cost is poignant since it’s a initial Verizon LTE phone that will launch for a customary $200 price. The rest have retailed for $250 or $300 during launch (though their prices typically got slashed shortly after that). The Droid 4 expected got a reduce cost since it’s competing reduction on specs and some-more on a brand.

The specs, however, aren’t anything to sneeze at. This is radically a Droid Razr with a smaller arrangement and a keyboard. That means a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, a 4-inch 960×540 display, 1GB of RAM, and an 8MP camera.

Unfortunately, a Droid 4 also has a identical battery to a strange Droid Razr. Unlike a Droid Razr Maxx, that is a first LTE phone to yield good battery life, a Droid 4 has a 1785 mAh battery. It will onslaught to final a full day, and it might usually yield a few hours of uptime.

Another indicate opposite a Droid 4 is a handling system. You will find no Ice Cream Sandwich here; notwithstanding Verizon’s delays, a Droid 4 is using Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. They are earnest a “future upgrade” to ICS, though there has been no central date announced.

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