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Download: Facebook Home Beta Leaks, No Chat Heads Though

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We’re not even a week out from Facebook’s proclamation of a HTC First and their new home deputy called Facebook Home, and we already have a leaked beta build to play around with. Thanks to Modaco, we can give Home a spin as prolonged as your device has a shade fortitude of 1280×768 or reduction and doesn’t have Facebook baked into your complement (meaning we can uninstall Facebook). If we have a Nexus, it would be a ideal phone to exam this on. 

Below, you’ll find .apk files for a Facebook app, new Messenger client, and a Home launcher itself. Before we begin, it’s a good thought (maybe even required) to uninstall Facebook totally from your phone and afterwards start uninformed with these 3 .apk files.

Update:  Facebook appears to have killed these from working.

Download:  Facebook App | Messenger App | Home Launcher

Again, uninstall Facebook from your phone. Then implement these. we had success by installing Facebook, afterwards a Launcher, and finally Messenger. Once done, login to Facebook and enjoy.

You’ll notice that one of a many critical features, Chat Heads, is missing. For whatever reason, that underline is not operative during this time, so you’ll have to go but it.

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Via:  Modaco

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