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Distraction-free Working – Yanko Design


From time-to-time we all need an sourroundings that is giveaway from a distractions that might be benefaction in a sourroundings surrounding us, in sequence to concede us to combine on a work. The SecretArea is a unblemished resolution to this need and one that carries a visually engaging aesthetic.

Integrated into a cocoon-like shade that surrounds a user is an discerning and energetic organizational system; pens, cables, phones, notepads and many some-more equipment can be stored simply by wedging them between a gaps in a cushioned surface. Hidden seamlessly in a front façade of a table is a twin of draws, this keeps a table clutter-free and pushes a probable daze of a phone somewhat serve away.

A workspace with a form as visually distinguished as this is always going to turn a underline in a room, so a engineer motionless to amplify a aesthetics serve by regulating a colourful color. It positively creates a statement!

Designer: Ivan Goran Žunar




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