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Dish Network calls T-Mobile “anti-competitive” over beforehand CDMA shutdown date

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In a recently conducted Q4 gain call, Dish Network called T-Mobile as “anti-competitive.” This was in anxiety to T-Mobile’s skeleton to close down a bequest 3G CDMA network on Jan 1, 2022. Once a close down takes place, this will meant a detriment of hundreds of millions of dollars for Boost Mobile and will also impact millions of customers. 

According to Stephen Stokols, conduct of Boost Mobile, skeleton have already been set in place to quit Boost customers. But according to a executive, they are operative during a gait that aligns with their organic shake and upgrades. The Jan 22 CDMA shutdown schedule, however, adds vigour for a association to finish a skeleton 18-24 months earlier.

Before Dish motionless to acquire Boost, it sealed a seven-year MVNO understanding that would concede a business to continue regulating T-Mobile’s network. This is adequate time for Dish to build a possess 5G network. With this agreement, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Justice (DoJ) motionless to approve a due partnership between T-Mobile and Sprint.  

As of this writing, Boost has over 9 million subscribers. The imminent CDMA shutdown will impact millions of those business and will leave them but a network, unless they squeeze a new device, SIM, and ascent their software. The usually resolution is for Dish or Boost to rollout a upgrades progressing than anticipated. 

With this option, Dish needs to find a approach to accelerate a efforts and deposit for a beforehand upgrade. Dish believes that while this is a outrageous cost, it still is an investment they have to make. Otherwise, their whole business will be significantly affected. 

There is a probability that a supervision will step in and assistance out with this regard of Dish’s. But right now, a FCC has not commented on any movement they intend to take. There’s also a probability that T-Mobile will pull behind a CDMA network shutdown to a after date. But if it has any skeleton to do so, Dish needs to know as shortly as possible. 


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