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Did The Motorola Droid Bionic Just Get Closer to Launch?

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While we’re not certain about what we’re observant here, a Motorola device with EVDO and LTE 700MHz radios, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a preliminary charging battery cover usually upheld by a FCC today, a device that really good could be a one and usually Motorola Droid Bionic.

Motorola Droid Bionic during FCC?

Now, if we demeanour during this design from a FCC, you’ll notice a form cause that is intensely identical to a Droid Bionic’s or during slightest a one that popped adult usually recently. Other than that likeness and those specifications, there is no other information that can endorse that this is in fact a Droid Bionic.

There is something engaging here yet that pertains to a probable release. The user primer and photos of a device are underneath a confidentiality agreement until Aug 7th. Does that meant we won’t see this until Aug 7th? Probably not yet it’s definitely a date to keep in mind.

So my friends, it appears that a Motorola Droid Bionic might have usually gotten closer to release. How does that feel? It substantially feels flattering good deliberation this absolutely, definitely THE 4G LTE phone that you should be considering.

Via: Android Central

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Adam is a record blogger formed in San Francisco, California who loves his iPhone 3GS and Motorola Droid 2 equally. You can follow him on Twitter or strech him by email during adam@notebooks.com.

  • Thank we for providing a suspected recover date formed on plain evidence.

  • It’s kinda humorous how a droid bionic was suggested in january with a sign “the finish of waiting” and yes, we’re still waiting.

  • Hopefully, a wait will be value it.  Sounds like a good device, yet during 4.5 shade size, will it be too big? 

  • The bigger a softened i think. My Droid X’s 4.3 is looking kinda tiny now days.im usually so used to it that i wish bigger and better

  • Screw those Verizon donkey’s! Aug 7th gets ‘em giveaway and transparent of total information and any earnings for perplexing to get sealed in.

  • Damn this sucks… now into august?  I dont know if we can Take anymore!!!!

  • if we have a smartphone and verizon wireless right now, afterwards upgrading your phone to a droid bionic will not change your total information plan. All verizon business with a $30 total will be grandfathered in.

  • I have Droid 1 with 50 dollar remission still total for a subsequent upgrade. we sealed adult for a 30 dollar total devise that was a contingency to get a phone.  Now we listened gossip about a grandfather proviso for those stream member with Data Smart phone even yet there will be a transition information from 3G to 4G.  Now, we wish to send shortcoming account, it means that we will be a one who’s instead holding over a remuneration from a prior chairman that requires credit news of course.  Verizon pronounced that we would remove my $50 dollar remission if we select to do so or we can get Droid Charge afterwards we can do a change tenure with a grandfather clause.  This process is fine, yet we cite of holding on to Bionic or SGS 2. But we wasn’t transparent about being grandfathered in if we do a send after Jul 7 of that we shall get droid Bionic and Unlimited 4G devise w/ $50 rebate.  Do we consider verizon would give me tough time of gripping total information if we motionless to do this method?  Do we consider verizon would make an forgive of observant that we should be counted as a new member?

  • Don’t wait for a bionic with a intensity warp downs, over labelled information plan, and fake promises.Do yourself a preference and go buy a samsung charge.If a bionic was not good adequate on a initial go around how can we design that a new and softened chronicle will out perform a ghost.

  • costco is offering a samsung assign right now for $180 “winning”

  • the droid assign is a fun a usually good hardware it has is a super amoled and shade a processors a fun compared to any twin core processor (including a exynos processor that was expelled on a universe s2 during a same as a charge) and a a ugliest phone i’ve ever seen

  • Retards

  • welcome to costco. i adore you.

  • I would do a send before Jul 7th to be on a protected side, yet we don’t see because they wouldn’t let we keep a total information if we motionless to do a send after Jul 7th. It’s not like it’s a new account, a comment we are holding over will already be active – before a 7th – so as prolonged as that comment as total data, we should be good. I’d call verizon patron use usually to be sure.

    Man, we suspicion a Bionic was entrance out someday this month for sure…I theory I’ll usually ascent subsequent month. we have a smartphone now w/ total data, a fam is sealed in now I’ll wait for a bionic as prolonged as it takes. You can’t rush soundness 🙂

  • Thanks for a discernment texan….  we was meditative that approach too we know usually to be on a protected side.  I’ll go and double check it again with verizon after Independence day.  we also agree  some partial with Bionic?  about a $180 Charge and Bionic fake promises still not a Bionic warp down part.   This is what seductiveness me a many as Verizon store offering 299/249 with 50 for a final of $249/$199.  we can simply get that cost during Amazon tho sadly can’t use a 50 dollar rebate.  Costco seems cheaper, yet I’m not a member 🙁 .  Bionic will be most softened and this is because we am salivating for it as it takes most time to perfecting it usually like Original Droid was.  we am with alecgale that besides 4G , HDMI, Super Amoled shade and with facetime,  it fundamentally sucks and not destiny proof.  we hatred a fact that twin processors smartphone accessible so distant are usually for 3G. Dam Dem Basterds!!!  I’ll wait and see if in fact that Bionic will come out in Aug or SGS2 around midst July,  I’ll screw a 50 dollar remission and be on a protected side as we can get them cheaper outward of Verizon anyway and we also be means to protected my check as my workplace yield discount.  So “Winning..”

  • I determine w/ u on this one! Im meditative about holding my income to sprint!

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