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Dean Delvin Offers Status Update On ‘Independence Day’ Sequel

Independence Day

If we stayed during home and watched TV during a 4th of July, there’s no doubt that we substantially came opposite Roland Emmerich’s holiday sci-fi actioner Independence Day. Rumors of a supplement have always lingered though any news to refurbish us on a theme has been scarce. While Dean Delvin (Flyboys, The Patriot) and Emmerich have been operative on a book for a supplement for some time, they haven’t been strictly greenlight for production.

So while concerned fans wait a day a supplement starts filming, Delvin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to residence a standing of a film and how prolonged it would take to get a Independence Day supplement into production.

Here’s a quote:

Not substantially a warn that they favourite what they have put together – if they hadn’t this would be a unequivocally opposite report. But given he thinks he scripted something that’s value saying as a supplement to Independence Day, we can usually wish that this means they will be branch in a book shortly and that it will be immature lit.

No doubt a aliens will come behind with a ambience for revenge, after all, one of their motherships has been destroyed. So it’s usually satisfactory that a humans feel a full force of their visitor rage. But formed on Devlin’s quote, we could be saying most some-more than aliens vs. humans. Will a humans have to take a quarrel to a visitor world, or will a aliens move some-more than on mothership to Earth? Like we said, we unequivocally wish there is most some-more to it than that.

We will have to see if audiences truly wish to see a supplement when Fox re-releases Independence Day in 3D on Jul 3, 2013.

[Source: THR]

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