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Deal: Motorola Lapdock 100 – $49.99 Shipped, Brand New

Motorola LapDock 1

While a Motorola Lapdock and Webtop interface might have been discontinued, $49.99 for a code new unstable HDMI display, keyboard, and trackpad is still a understanding that leaves a conduct scratching.

ATT is offered off their remaining supply of Lapdock 100’s during a glow sale cost of $49.99, with giveaway shipping. These units seem to be code new, despite aged stock. While a inventory says it is “for a Atrix 2” – these seem to be customary Lapdock 100 units. In further to their hackability, these can be used with any Webtop-era phone, solely for a strange Motorola Atrix.

Combined with new Jelly Bean updates, some of those comparison Webtop phones might find new life with this pairing… a ability to take an aged Motorola smartphone, and for $50 have a laptop with Google Now, Google Keep, and unconstrained turn-by-turn GPS is a constrained offering. It binds intensity for in-car use with GPS as well.

We do design this one to sell out quick though, so act quick to snap adult one or two. The $50 cost indicate was customary for these as refurbished (or badged-as-refurbished) surplus sales, yet we’ve usually see a Lapdock 100 during this cost code new once before, when Verizon Wireless stores sole off their remaining supply.

Unlike a Verizon understanding though, that was during sell stores only, ATT appears to have had stores remember their batch behind to ATT corporate, that means they are substantially blazing off all their units online during once, in one large glow sale.

ATT – Lapdock 100

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