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Could this be a inheritor to Apple’s HomePod?!

A lot of a many renouned models within Apple’s immeasurable choice of products are surfaced by a flagship ‘Pro’ variant, and interjection to this concept, we can get an discernment to how a HomePod would demeanour if it perceived a same treatment! Dubbed as a HomePod Pro, this re-engineered HomePod transforms a device from a personal orator that we have turn informed with, into an all-out home party center!

Packed into a form form is a engorgement of facilities that rouse a position within a home. At a forefront of a settlement is a 4K hold shade travelling a tip aspect of a device; by this, a user can control Apple TV, incoming Facetime calls and of course, music. These functions can be gifted in immersive clarification that has been done probable by a 2 high excursions woofers, 10 ambient microphones and 14 beamforming tweeters! Its functionality now spreads into a workplace environment; gripping minutes, scheduling appointments and participating in organisation conferences can all be taken caring of with this beautifully crafty device.

Designer: Philip Goolkasian

HomePod Pro

An immersive soundbar with Dolby Atmos, an integrated Apple TV 4K with hold controls, and a secure height for FaceTime and audio chart. With double a drivers and a far-reaching operation of features, HomePod Pro crosses over from personal orator to all-in-one party center.


2 high-excursion woofers, 10 ambient microphones, and 14 lucent tweeters broach a same acoustic peculiarity as a strange HomePod, with twice a loudness operation for powerful, relocating audio and unbelievably abounding sound.


To grasp an form shape, HomePod Pro’s weave settlement was totally reengineered. Using 3D parametric displaying scripts alongside informed production methods, HomePod Pro’s space fabric maintains a seamless, consistent, and acoustically-transparent surface.

Apple TV 4K

With entirely integrated Apple TV 4K, HomePod Pro delivers a extensive audio and video party knowledge right out of a box. Watch your favorite shows from Apple TV+, HBO, Netflix and some-more in high-definition with only one device.

Stream Music, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows More

Control your HomePod Pro by a haptic hold interface. Pair HomePod Pro with your Apple TV remote or iOS enabled devices. Or only contend “Hey Siri”. We’ll take it from there.

Surround Sound with Dolby Atmos

Pair HomePod Pro with adult to 2 HomePods and be ecstatic right to a core of a action. Stream monumental Apple TV 4K calm with Dolby Atmos and knowledge totally immersive audio.

Ready for a Home Office

HomePod Pro creates it easy to stay connected to your team. The microphone array uses ambient relate comprehension to automatically regulate to vast discussion bedrooms and tiny crowd spaces. And with Workplace OS for HomePod, it consolidates your whole visible complement – creation it easier than ever to get to work.

Group FaceTime

Start a Group FaceTime from Apple Calendar, Email, HomePod Pro, or your enables iOS devices. Through modernized audio processing, HomePod Pro knows a distance of a room and a series of guests, and calibrates audio submit and outlay to safeguard everyone’s voice is heard.

Easy Scheduling with Apple Calendar

Set adult an eventuality with Workplace OS and Apple Calendar. Assign a room, entice guests, and HomePod Pro will be prepared when we arrive.

Automatic Meeting Templates with Notes

With customizable assembly templates, it’s impossibly quick to request your team’s ideas – giving we some-more time to combine on what matters most. Minutes and links are automatically common with a team, so everybody is kept in a loop.

Linked Presentation Files with iCloud

Avoid screencasting and awkward, neglected presentation pop-ups. Simply drag and dump your files into assembly entice from iCloud, and HomePod Pro will supplement them to a visible display. After meeting, links to a files are common with a group to examination and follow-up.

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