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Cost of mobile phone services in Canada down 13% in 2013: study

MONTREAL — Prices for cellphone services — including voice and information — have decreased given final year, putting Canada in a center of a container internationally, a new investigate says.

A standard package of mobile phone services — including voice, text, call arrangement and voice mail facilities — has depressed by about 13 per cent compared with 2012, pronounced a study, consecrated by Industry Canada and a CRTC.

Prices for smartphone skeleton that embody information fell about 5 per cent compared with 2012, pronounced the study, finished by Wall Communications Inc.

“We’re not a worst, we’re not a best,” Gerry Wall, boss of Wall Communications, pronounced Thursday.

“Overall, we would contend we’re right in a middle.”

Prices were also tracked in a United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Japan.

For a devise including 450 incoming and effusive minutes, voice mail and call arrangement and 300 content messages per month, a cost was $44.86 in Canada. A identical devise in a U.S. cost $76.14 and $38.85 in Britain after adjusting for banking and a relations purchasing energy of a Canadian dollar.

A devise including 1,200 incoming and effusive minutes, 300 content messages and one gigabyte of information use per month was $93.59 in Canada, $145.79 in a U.S. and $63.52 in Britain after banking adjustments.

The investigate Thursday also found that a new wireless players like Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and Public Mobile have helped move down prices given they launched in a marketplace in new years.

“Further, a monthly information allowances offering by a new wireless entrants, on average, surpass those of a incumbents,” a investigate said, referring to vast telecom companies such as Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Prices for cellphone services are a prohibited symbol emanate for Canadians.

“It becomes an romantic thing,” Wall said. “Any time we start spending a lot of income on anything in a household, it catches your courtesy and it kind of bugs you.”

The CRTC recently announced skeleton for a new wireless formula progressing this year to that will concede consumers to cancel their wireless contracts after dual years though penalty.

The formula also sets supplies to extent additional information and general information roaming charges to equivocate huge, warn bills.

The investigate Thursday also looked during prices for such services as Internet, landline telephones and bundled telecom services.

Compared with 2012, altogether Canada had some-more cost increases and didn’t transport as good internationally, Wall said.

But rates for standard broadband Internet use went down about 6 per cent in 2013, though not rates for aloft speeds.

Prices for monthly higher-speed broadband Internet services were aloft in Canada than those in all of a surveyed countries during $65.18 and $82.88 — with a difference of a United States with prices during $99.10 and $123.27 after adjusting for banking and a relations purchasing energy of a Canadian dollar, a investigate said.

Wall pronounced prices for internal and long-distance calls were adult modestly and, again, Canada falls in a center of a container on pricing.

Average Canadian prices for bundled telecom services, that can embody landline, Internet, TV, and wireless, were adult about 5 duration this year.

“There’s a satisfactory volume of cost foe among providers. In terms of a prices that we’ve seen, it’s really center of a container internationally for us,” Wall said.

The investigate surveyed telecom providers including Rogers (TSX:RCI.B), Telus (TSX:T), Bell (TSX:BCE), Videotron (TSX:QBR.B), Eastlink, SaskTel, Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, Shaw (TSX:SJR.B) and Primus. It has been finished annually given 2008.

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