CommView for WiFi with Serial Key

CommView for WiFi with Serial Key

CommView for WiFi includes a VoIP module for in-depth analysis, recording, and playback of SIP and H.323 voice communications.

Packets can be decrypted utilizing user-defined WEP or WPA-PSK keys and are decoded down to the lowest layer. With over 70 supported protocols, this network analyzer allows you to see every detail of a captured packet using a convenient tree-like structure to display protocol layers and packet headers. Additionally, the product provides an open interface for plugging in custom decoding modules. WEP and WPA key retrieval add-ons are available subject to terms and conditions.

A number of case studies describe real-world applications of CommView for WiFi in business, government, and education sectors.

CommView for WiFi is a comprehensive and affordable tool for wireless LAN administrators, security professionals, network programmers, or anyone who wants to have a full picture of the WLAN traffic. This application runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and requires a compatible wireless network adapter. To view the list of the adapters that have been tested and are compatible with CommView for WiFi, click on the link below:

If your wireless card is not on the list, please click here for the technical information, or take advantage of our special offer and get a compatible adapter free of charge!

What you can do with CommView for WiFi

Scan the air for WiFi stations and access points.
Capture 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n WLAN traffic.
Specify WEP or WPA keys to decrypt encrypted packets.
View detailed per-node and per-channel statistics.
View detailed IP connections statistics: IP addresses, ports, sessions, etc.
Reconstruct TCP sessions.
Configure alarms that can notify you about important events, such as suspicious packets, high bandwidth utilization, unknown addresses, rogue access points, etc.
View protocol “pie” charts.
Monitor bandwidth utilization.
Browse captured and decoded packets in real time.
Search for strings or hex data in captured packet contents.
Log individual or all packets to files.
Load and view capture files offline.
Import and export packets in Sniffer®, EtherPeek™, AiroPeek™, Observer®, NetMon, Tcpdump, hex, and text formats.
Export any IP address to SmartWhois for quick, easy IP lookup.
And much more!

Who needs CommView for WiFi

WLAN administrators.
Security professionals.
Home users who are interested in monitoring their WLAN traffic and getting WEP/WPA Passwords
Programmers developing software for wireless networks.

Download Here: CommView For WiFi 5.2.48

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