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Comic Review: The Voyages of a She Buccaneer, Collected …

She Buccaneer Volume 1Voyages of a She Buccaneer, Collected Volume One
Written by Heidi Hughes
Art by Will Hughes
Cover by Will Hughes
Red 5 Comics
Release Date: May 9, 2012
Cover Price: $7.99

Red 5 Comics does us ALL a preference and has published The Voyages of a She Buccaneer Volume One digitally. Yes, I’d LOVE a earthy duplicate of this glorious collection, though beggars can’t be choosers and hopefully if this does good enough, maybe Red 5 can remonstrate a Hughes’ to put out another She Buccaneer comic that’s not digital.

I desired this comic behind in 2008 and we love it only as most now! Writer Heidi Hughes does an overwhelming pursuit of spinning a ideal bandit story with a clever womanlike lead character. And yes, The She-Buccaneer is a chubby brunette bombshell, though after a while we don’t even notice that, since a story is so entertaining, we get mislaid in a characters and events. OK, I’m lying. You TOTALLY notice it ALL by a book. Despite that, this a book that will remove we in a pages for an afternoon. You are utterly literally ecstatic to another time and place and withing a initial few pages we are sucked into this implausible universe and roughly zero brief of your residence being on glow will rip we divided from these pages. Thank your propitious stars that you’re reading this as a collection, since a one-month wait between issues would be a torpedo (and trust me, it was!)!

Determined to get a love of her life back, The She-Buccaneer takes on a query to find 7 mislaid gems that can, hopefully, set her partner giveaway from a guts of a afterlife. The query that ensues is thrilling, action-packed, and full of mysteries and only plain aged fun! No matter what you’re reading now, this is a uninformed change of gait to a “normal” comic book. You’re going to have a lot of fun reading this!

Will Hughes is a artist that we wished drew your favorite book. His character is a illusory mix of animation and normal comic art and when we put those dual together, we come adult with some flattering illusory stuff! Take a word “lavish,” greaten it by a 100 times, and afterwards you’re entrance tighten to what Hughes does in these pages. He’s a ideal bandit artist. It seems like this genre is second inlet to him and all looks as tighten to ideal during one can get. The duration clothing, a expressions, anatomy, page layout, anatomy-well, there competence be a COUPLE things that are farfetched — they’re all passed on in this series. You couldn’t ask for a improved artist to enrich a essay on this collection of issues.

If we missed The Voyages of a She-Buccaneer a initial time, contrition on you. Now’s your possibility to locate it again and trust me, we do NOT wish to skip it!!! As we mentioned earlier, this is a comic that your going to get mislaid in. The world, a characters, a journey and story — all will collect we adult and take we away, and we won’t come behind until we strike a behind cover of this book. Now, we don’t wish anyone to consider I’m ungrateful, though PLEASE, Will and Heidi, can we get a NEW She-Buccaneer series? Here’s hoping! Needless to say, we suggest that we dump what your doing and go to comixology and collect this up, it’ll shortly be one of your favorites!!

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