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Comic Review: The Matchbook Comics of Silber Media

Silber Media: BuildThe Matchbook Comics of Silber Media
All Comics created by Brian John Mitchell
Art by Various
Silber Media

People don’t contend this mostly enough, though mini comics are cool. Really cool.

Those tiny, inexpensive volumes printed on 12 ubiquitous pieces of printer paper, folded and half hold together by a singular tack down a middle? Love them. Those pretentious, autobiographical comics we usually find in comic book stores in walking stretch to some mean magnanimous humanities college? Can’t get adequate of them. Those ugly, xeroxed books with art that looks like it was finished by some discontented high propagandize child and, in fact, substantially was? Those are my favorites!

Enter Brian John Mitchell. He’s been doing his possess character of minis given 2003. A musician out of North Carolina with a tiny record label, Silber Records, he sells his possess matchbook-sized comics by his website and during shows. They’re tiny in size, though vast in scope. Whether it’s a western or a domestic drama, an autobio-comedy or a true sci-fi, a character stays radically a same. One row per page. Short, declarative sentences. Like a haiku, it’s a meagre though surprisingly abounding proceed to doing comics.

What is opposite from book to book is a art. Mitchell uses a accumulation of opposite artists who move a accumulation of styles to a table. It’s zero fancy, anyone awaiting full tone should demeanour elsewhere, though when we supplement a gloomy design by Andrew White on REH, a look into a life of Robert E. Howard, with a cartoonish work of Joe Badon on a drudge story, Built (pictured above), we see that fad there, that foul fad of tender comic book storytelling. There’s even hang figure work by Mitchell himself and Dave Sim of Cerebus celebrity pops in to do a book.

If your standard striking novel, created and drawn by professionals in their particular fields, are discriminating studio albums, afterwards mini comics are four-track brew tapes available in a basement. While few can smoke-stack adult opposite a pros in terms of draftsmanship, complexity of re-printed images, or only plain ubiquitous use of color, they have a really enchanting immediacy to them. This is a genuine chairman doing comics on his or her own. Whether they’re training or perplexing to get published, or are only dedicated to doing things their possess way, it doesn’t matter. Discovering a good comic, divorced from any editorial control, driven wholly by a creator’s possess will, is one of a biggest feelings a comic book fan can have.

You can go to a Silber Media website to perspective a comics as a PDF or to squeeze a imitation versions.

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