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Comic Review: Star Trek: Volume 2

IDW Publishing: Star Trek, Volume 2Star Trek: Volume 2
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Joe Corroney, Joe Phillips
Colors by John Rauch
Letters by Neil Uyetake
IDW Publishing
Release Date: Jul 11, 2012
Cover Price: $17.99 | $9.67

I’m usually a infrequent Trekker. we stumbled into Star Trek fandom after finding a Enterprise array starring Dr. Sam Beckett on radio one night – that’s still my favorite Trek series. Now, about a decade later, I’ll spasmodic locate a pointless Next Generation part on Netflix, though that’s where my seductiveness starts and ends. Although I’ve finished a few eminent attempts, we usually can’t lay by a full Original Series episode. This substantially creates me an wandering in Trekker circles. To my surprise, we unequivocally dug a 2009 melodramatic reboot of Star Trek and schooled to adore Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and all a rest by that movie. So, we was pumped when IDW announced a comic book follow-up that would overpass a film to a arriving sequel.

The initial 4 issues of Star Trek were something of a disappointment. The stories were self-contained, trite, and insignificant to any Star Trek canon. Thankfully, this trend does not continue in Star Trek: Volume 2, that collects issues #5-#8.

This volume contains dual apart storylines. The initial story is a retelling of a “Operation Annihilate!” episode. The Enterprise organisation discovers that mass stupidity is inflicting a array of colonies that widen to a world Denevan. There they find a sentient bug that turns a victims into foolish drones. Captain Kirk creates an astronomically extraordinary find on this world as good that takes him behind to his roots. Spock finds himself putrescent by a parasite. What outcome will it have on a ridiculously clever Vulcan mind?

The second storyline, “Vulcan Vengeance,” picks adult where a Star Trek film left off. The Enterprise discovers Vulcan diverge signatures nearby a stays of their broken homeworld — no Vulcan boat is certified to wandering from a remaining fleets. The organisation discovers that flourishing Romulans from Nero’s boat have hijacked a Vulcan director boat and have stolen a final remaining representation of Red Matter in a universe. With a nearest subspace send destroyed, Captain Kirk’s usually choice is to follow a Romulans into their domain to try to collect a Red Matter before it falls into a hands of a empire.

While a initial story is interesting and substantially a good reversion for sentimental old-schoolers, a second storyline is simply amazing. Writer Mike Johnson hits his walk in “Vulcan Vengeance,” delivering mixed twists and turns that make for an sparkling ride. Johnson captures a hint of what finished a film so many fun. The characters act and speak roughly accurately like their film counterparts. My usually censure is that a stories are roughly wholly centered around Kirk and Spock. Granted, a film is many a same. But, generally as a new fan of a strange Star Trek characters, we wish to see a delegate characters get a small some-more spotlight. The comic array is a ideal mark to excavate some-more into their stories.

The design varies dramatically between a dual storylines. Joe Corroney‘s design in “Operation Annihilate!” is a reversion to comics from an comparison era. The flat, pale tone palette pays loyalty to a demeanour and feel of a strange radio series. It’s a good effect. Joe Phillips’ art and John Rauch‘s colors in “Vulcan Vengeance” pierce a array behind to a strange look. The visuals bear good similarity to many of a crew. The red shirts are formally generic.

After a hilly start, a Star Trek comic is building into an overwhelming array that is going good above what is expected. In fact, a second storyline in this array could simply have served as a basement for Star Trek 2. With a few some-more explosions thrown in, that storyline would have finished intensely good in a theaters. Whether you’re an aged propagandize Trekker or someone who usually dug a movie, if you’re into comics, afterwards chuck down for this book. It’s a ideal mark to burst onboard a comic series. Widgets

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