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Comic Review: Ghostbusters #11

IDW Publishing: Ghostbusters #11Ghostbusters #11
Written by Erik Burnham
Art by Dan Schoening
Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado
Extra Story by Tristan Jones
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Edits by Tom Waltz
Covers by Dan Schoening, Tristan Jones Mike Henderson
IDW Publishing
Release Date: Jul 25, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

In Ghostbusters #11, a boys continue there cranky nation trek, this time interlude in Roswell, New Mexico. Hmmmmmm….strange things going on in Roswell? Who would’ve guessed that?

Erik Burnham hasn’t missed a kick in 10 issues, and doesn’t skip one now. The characers on all dead-on, and it’s good to see a boys in gray as fish out of water. These final integrate issues have been torpedo with a guys going literally all over a country. While hometown heroes behind in New York City, they don’t unequivocally get a honour they merit around a rest of a country, that takes them by surprise, though they all have different, and funny, ways of traffic with it. This emanate is utterly engaging as they come face to face with an FBI group that’s questioning aliens, and a aged “they’re ghosts!” “NO! They’re aliens” discuss comes into play. All in all, another glorious emanate filled with classical Ghostbuster amusement and heart.

Pretty soon, when we consider of Ghostbusters, your going to see Dan Schoening‘s design in your head. we know we do already. I’ve pronounced it before and I’ll contend it again, this male is a PERFECT choice for this book. we can’t see anyone else sketch it, ever. we only wish that Dan has no vacation skeleton and guards his hands flattering good when he’s not drawing. This emanate he unequivocally shows what he can do, since we flattering many can’t get serve away, art wise, from New York than a deserts of New Mexico. But, Schoening hits another home run, when he creates Roswell demeanour only as many a partial of a Ghostbusters star as a firehouse behind home. Well played, Dan!!

Tristan Jones gives us another overwhelming section in his Peter Venkman poser story. For spoiler reasons, we can’t go into many detail, though there’s a LOT some-more movement than in a normal Ghostbusters story and there’s indeed utterly a few surprises as Peter learns what happens when all doesn’t go his way. Fantastic fill-in that we wish is collected really soon.

Another good issue!!! But, that’s what I’ve come to design from this artistic group -nothing though a best. This emanate is a many opposite of a array so far, and it’s great. It’s good to see a group out of their element, and a finish formula have been VERY entertaining.

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