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Comic Review: Dracula World Order #1

Dracula World Order #1 coverDracula World Order
Written by Ian Brill
Art by Tonci Zonjic, Rahsan Ekedal, Declan Shalvey, Gabriel Hardman
Colors by Stephen Downer, Jordie Bellaire
Letters by Josh Krach
Cover by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire
Ian Brill (Independent)
Release Date: Jun 22, 2012
Cover Price: $3.99

As a outrageous vampire geek we notice a undead and barbarous seem to tumble into 3 categorical categories within cocktail culture. There is a mermaid with lots of low feelings who sweats being us tough adequate to evermore attend high school, or to get a essence so they can date humans, a hyper-sexualized form who creates us feel reduction unwashed given we are merely humans underneath their higher thrall and therefore can't be hold accountable for a possess actions, or a final and rarest variety: a beast in a night who believes a vital are a juicy break food or a means to an end. Dracula World Order strongly subscribes to a latter propagandize of suspicion and while it expresses lofty ideas about a stream state of political/economic affairs, manages to be a bloody good bit of bloody fun as well.

Writer Ian Brill combined and expelled this eccentric one-shot (at slightest for now) about a chairman many expected to be stupidly dauntless adequate to take on a world’s many famous vampire and try to disintegrate his empire… his kid. Prince Alexandru (who has a unequivocally cold backstory, we won’t hurt for you) has dealt with his dad’s antics for 200 years or so. Enslavement of 99% of a tellurian competition as slaves or juicy treats by a 1% or a chosen (i.e., wealthy) Dracula deemed estimable adequate to show a dim benefaction on seemed to be a final violation indicate in a Father/Son dynamic. He doesn’t impetus in alone, however, and a enlistment of a tiny army of Dracula’s wronged includes some of a many famous monsters and some genuine surprises, too. This comic is damaged adult into 4 chapters that mostly etch Alexandru recruiting his nonetheless rather small, though encouraged army and scenes from a new world, domestic by vampires. we generally adore a practical existence form sourroundings combined as a daytime review for a undead, unequivocally Fahrenheit 451. Brill unequivocally creates an bid to emanate a nuanced universe in an differently normal action/horror comic set up.

He was dauntless adequate to arrange a small art army of his possess of 4 eminent artists and dual colorists. we tend to consider too many cooks in a self-evident kitchen tend to finish adult a prohibited mess, though this comic feels cohesive even with all a singular styles present. Standouts for me embody a gleefully ominous cover by 30 Days of Night’s Declan Shalvey with Jordie Bellaire that seems to announce that “the things contained in this comic are entrance to get we and they do not feel bad about it” and EchoesRahsan Ekedal who we am unknown with, though after his chapter, not for long. He used a unequivocally graphic valuables toned, delicate, roughly angel story character that was fascinating to demeanour during and unequivocally lent itself to a 1897 Romanian flashback scenes from Prince Alexandru’s luckless fanged childhood. Every artist brought something opposite to a list however, so if we like normal crime noir, splatterpunk, or aged fashioned comics with lots of “Aieeees and Kerumphs” in bubbled panels, everybody is flattering most covered, in blood even.

I trust what binds this book together with all a clearly manifold elements and consistent fusillade of new characters and movement scenes is a one altogether vision. Simply put, Dracula contingency die since during slightest in this story he is corrupt, murderous, and utterly sum and it takes an army o’ monsters to do it. Brill’s afterword mentions this comic as a one-off, though pragmatic we have not listened a final of his abnormal or genetically mutated army. we consider a intensity is there for this to be a new eccentric prodigy and we can see this comic appealing to several age groups and large varieties of genre novella fans. It’s tough to keep a blood uninformed on a vampire story these days and while Brill apparently pays loyalty to a past he seems to be truly committed to deliberating complicated multitude by a traditionally reduction galvanizing lens of a fantastic. This is a unequivocally artistic story and nonetheless Brill usually had 300 comics printed so distant he might wish to recur his numbers and finish adult a “One-Shot #2.”

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