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Comedy Web Series ‘Nerd vs. Geek’ Needs Your Help To Become A …

Nerds vs. Geeks

Are we a fan of assisting artists make their indie projects a existence around Kickstarter and websites like it? It’s an addictive hobby, entrance together with a garland of other people, chipping in a few bucks here and there, and observant someone’s dream develop into a reality.

One such plan badly in need of your assistance to strech pronounced existence theatre of evolution, is Nerd vs. Geek. And with usually a integrate of days remaining, it needs utterly a pull to strech a $16,232 goal.

The plan comes from Cinevore Studios, creators of web array OverAnalyzers and videos like a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizza Taste Test.” The new array simply presents a doubt of either you’re a geek or a nerd or something else entirely. In it, a gamer, a scientist, and a museum performer finish adult as roommates by a Craigslist ad and have to figure out a approach to live with one another.

The outcome is a web array that touches on many nerd/geek-related discussions, such as because it’s now so cold to be what was once deliberate so uncool and what differentiates geeks from nerds, while visiting all realms of cocktail enlightenment including video games, comic books, math, scholarship (fact and fiction), cartoons, house games, theater, TV, and film.

Basically, it’s a comedy web array for geeks and nerds by geeks and nerds…which tries to figure out what a ruin “geeks” and “nerds” unequivocally are. An appreciated subject here during Geeks of Doom, where we resolutely mount by a suspicion that being a geek isn’t so limited as being someone who’s into comic books and video games and so on, though some-more open to anyone who’s truly ardent about something, either that be cinema or food, complicated steel or astronomy, and so on.

Series author and executive Matt Conant clarifies what Nerds vs. Geeks is about, observant “The genuine purpose of this array is NOT to classify or sensationalize ‘nerds geeks,’ though to uncover a mostly secret middle struggles of intelligent introverts,” explained even serve by author and writer Stephanie Yuhas who says “This uncover is a fictionalized description of a tangible lives. We were desirous to emanate Nerd vs. Geek after attending a internal MENSA meeting. We satisfied that nonetheless everybody in a room had taken a same standardised test, we had zero in common, to a indicate where profitable a check during a finish of a dish incited into a waggish conflict of a brains.”

If a array sounds like something you’d like to see happen, we can conduct to their Kickstarter page now to learn some-more and donate, afterwards widespread a word! But hurry—as settled above, there’s usually a integrate of days remaining to strech their goal, though most bigger amounts have been surpassed in distant reduction time.

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