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CNET 100: Seth Rosenblatt’s favorite Android apps

Editors’ note: Until Jul 22, 10 CNET personalities are showcasing their 10 personal favorite Android apps as partial of a CNET 100. With any post, we can review because they reason a apps so dear and you’ll get a event to opinion for your possess favorite title. Then after a array ends, we’ll collect a full list of 100 apps and announce a 10 that you, a readers, adore a most.

As a comparison associate editor during CNET Downloads, Seth Rosenblatt dives low into a universe of program with a sold concentration on browsers, Web applications, and security. Indeed, it’s protected to contend that he’s used about any browser possible (both mobile and not) and he’s never met a secure Android phone he didn’t like. He’s energetically watchful for a Motorola Droid Bionic to go on sale and, in box we haven’t heard, he’s big in Japan.

Seth treats his phone like a well-worn apparatus that it is, and that means rooting and tradition ROMing it. So he’s collected some of a best apps for a secure phone. You don’t have to implement a tradition ROM to use these titles, though we positively contingency get base access. (Not certain how to do it? Here are 3 how-tos on rooting, tradition ROMing, and restoring.) Also, note that for many of these apps you’ll wish to also have a Superuser app so that your secure apps can puncture low into your Android phone.

Seth’s 10 favorite Android apps (CNET 100)

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Over a subsequent dual weeks, be certain to check behind any day on Android Atlas to see app choices from Jaymar Cabebe, Antuan Goodwin, Nicole Lee, Jessica Dolcourt, and some-more of a CNET crew. For yesterday’s list, check out a picks from Stephen Shankland.

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