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Cleverly designed book opens into a pop-up vase for flowers!

Books and flowers are arguably a dual biggest must-haves when it comes to list decor… so what happens when we mix a dual together? Meet a ‘Flowery Tale’, a visible portmanteau by Japan-based pattern code Mecli. The Flowery Tale comes designed to presumably demeanour like a book, though open it adult and it turns into a 3D vase done out of a book’s specially-cut pages. When opened, a hard-bound book’s spine provides plenty disastrous space to slip a exam tube through, and there we have it, a ‘paper’ vase with flowers lush through! we mean, this is only MADE for Instagram!

The Flowery Tale comes with 3 opposite vase designs (cutouts, to be precise) built into a same book. With thick partitions separating them, we can simply open adult a book to any vase pattern we want, and a cut-out pages give we a visible gestalt of continuity, imitative a vase done out of paper. The vases are designed to be inverted too, so while any book comes with 3 vase designs, they can be flipped over ensuing in as many as 6 opposite visible styles to go with your flowers. The test-tube comes with a capsule that allows it to rest on a tip of a book but shifting through, and a Flowery Tale’s pages are waterproof, so a small dash of H2O won’t do them any harm!

Designer: Mecli

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