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CheapCast Wants to Emulate Chromecast Service Through Devices You …

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Google’s Chromecast is still sole out from only about each tradesman opposite a country. Some will let we place an sequence for a $35 HDMI dongle, yet we might not see it for weeks or even months in some cases. Enter CheapCast as your new alternative. You can get Chromecast-like use by Android inclination we already own, for free. 

CheapCast is commissioned on a device we would like to act as your Chromecast. In other words, if we have another Android HDMI dongle or a phone with HDMI-out that can be bending adult to a TV, we would implement CheapCast there. Once commissioned and given a name by a elementary app UI, your device is now means to be casted to. Fire adult YouTube or Google Music on your other Android device and we should see a expel idol with your CheapCast device listed as an choice to expel to.

Again, CheapCast allows we to take any other Android device that has HDMI-out capabilities, and expel to them. In theory, we could only expel to another Android device, like contend a tablet, yet that doesn’t seem to make that many sense.

Make sense? Watch a video and we consider you’ll get it.

The app is many really a “beta,” so don’t be astounded if we run into bugs from time to time. The developer appears to be actively operative on it though. Keep an eye on this one.

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Cheers John!

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