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Chart: DROID BIONIC vs. HTC Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 4

We usually wanted to toss this draft out there to give we an thought of how to review a i*hone 4 on Verizon to a tip 4G LTE inclination (DROID BIONIC and HTC Thunderbolt) that we should be saying in usually a few months.  Other than a fact that the i*hone won’t and can’t run on a new 4G LTE network from Big Red, there are some other large differences here that we should be focused on.  Actually, I’m not certain any are bigger than that fact, though we’ll continue on anyway.  

Screen size:  How could we not wish one of a new screens that Motorola or HTC are putting out?  Super LCD and qHD competence be dual of a prettiest displays we’ve ever seen and take adult roughly an additional in. of genuine estate when compared to Apple’s stream offering.

Storage:  With a i*hone, we are stranded with possibly 16GB or 32GB.  There is no room for enlargement on their devices.  So if we go with a cheaper $199 16GB indication and comprehend that’s not adequate space for all your pr0n, afterwards that’s usually too bad.  With a Android options above, we get a choice of going all a approach adult to possibly 40GB or 48GB depending on a device.

Processor:  The DROID BIONIC is a usually device of a 3 that sports a new dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA.  Apple’s doesn’t have one and we’re indeed not certain that any of their products ever will.  Remember, they like to keep it in residence and NVIDIA has already been swelling word of their Android support.

HDMI-out:  The BIONIC again is a usually one of a 3 with this feature.  Who doesn’t wish to have a choice to bond their phone to their TV and uncover off those pleasing photos and videos they’ve taken to their friends?

RAM:  The Thunderbolt is a category personality on this one.  According to their central spec page, it’ll competition 768MB of RAM that will assistance make adult for a miss of a dual-core processor.  Of course, it’s already using a newest Snapdragon, so peformance wasn’t going to be an emanate anyway.

So, are we still peaceful to use that ascent on a device that doesn’t unequivocally review to a tip dual Verizon 4G LTE devices?  While we haven’t listened specific dates for possibly a BIONIC or Thunderbolt, we have been told “first half of 2011” and have during slightest a integrate of tips indicating for a Mar recover of during slightest one of them.  That’s usually a month after a i*hone 4 hits VZW store shelves, can we wait another month?  You should.

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