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ChargePoint picks adult Android Auto integration, creation it easier to find and top-up during charging stations

Last year, Android Auto finally added support for all-new categories of apps. Navigation, parking, and charging program all became an choice for developers to start building. That support left beta contrast progressing this month, and already we’ve seen several apps take advantage of this new opportunity. ChargePoint was one of a companies highlighted by Google in a announcement, and an refurbish is now going live. Starting today, drivers can hunt and navigate to charging stations for their vehicles right from Android Auto.

Any phone regulating Android 6.0 or aloft can implement ChargePoint’s new car-friendly interface right from a dash. Using a app, drivers can find circuitously locations on a map, start a charging session, check EV compatibility, and accept notifications when a hire is open for use. You can even establish a right mark for your automobile by filtering places formed on charging speed, availability, and cost.

ChargePoint is one of a largest networks for powering electric vehicles globally, with good over 100,000 stations available. As EVs turn some-more widely driven, fast anticipating a energy source will turn all a some-more critical to automobile owners everywhere. To start regulating ChargePoint with Android Auto, make certain you’ve updated a app from a Play Store couple below.

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