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[CES 2012] Motorola To Stop Flooding The Market With Thousands Of Phones

“More timber behind fewer arrows.”

That’s a word Larry Page used to report Google’s new shut down of underperforming products. Stop flooding a marketplace with crap, and concentration on fewer, aloft peculiarity products. Now it seems Motorola has somehow gotten a accurate same idea.


AllThingsD reports that Motorola “plans to recover fewer new models this year, in an bid to combine a selling dollars.” we wish they are concentrating their design, polish, and refurbish efforts too.

Motorola’s recover report given they jumped on a Android sight has been positively insane. Their 2011 US product lineup looked something like this:

Now this list is in no approach definitive, though it should give we an thought of a crazy incremental one upmanship Motorola has been betting on. Oftentimes full-on sequels of phones would come out 6 months after a originals.

This gait of releases has caused all kinds of problems. On a consumer side, it’s lead to a treacherous market, terrible refurbish support, and wavering consumers, assured that their new phone will be archaic in 3 months. we gamble it’s a headache for Motorola too, doing updates and bugfixes on 20 opposite builds of Android sounds daunting, to contend a least.

HTC also recently committed to negligence down their recover schedule, and a new phone lineup during CES is no where nearby a turn of final year’s. We’ll have a clearer design after Mobile World Congress in February, though hopefully this is a trend toward some-more discriminating and good upheld products. Less phones means some-more resources to chuck during updates and polish.

Let’s hope.

Source: AllThingsD

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