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CEO Sanjay Jha Says Motorola to Release Fewer Phone Models This Year – Ina Fried – Mobile

While a trend has been for Android device makers to chuck new models off a public line during a dizzying pace, during slightest one phone manufacturer is stepping off a treadmill.

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha pronounced his association skeleton to recover fewer new models this year, in an bid to combine a selling dollars.

“A lot of products that are roughly a same doesn’t expostulate a marketplace to a new place,” Jha pronounced on Tuesday in a roundtable assembly with reporters. Of course, it is an engaging matter from a association that expelled a Droid Bionic and Droid Razr in fast succession, followed on Monday by a Droid Razr Maxx — a chronicle of a Droid Razr with a bigger battery.

Jha remarkable that it was a check in a Bionic that caused that product’s entrance to be so tighten in timing to a Razr.

Asked either he thinks Motorola would be improved off if others also slowed their launches or if he prefers them to continue their stream pace, Jha demurred.

“I done this preference eccentric of what a others will do,” he said. “We’re doing what we consider is a right thing.”

Jha also pronounced a association skeleton to pursue fewer new ideas in an bid to make some-more things stick.

The change comes during a pivotal time for Motorola, that is in a routine of perplexing to sell itself to Google. The association also warned final week that fourth-quarter sales would come in below what many analysts had been expecting.

Last year a association introduced a idea of a path wharf in that phones could be plugged into a bigger shade and keyboard to perform many of a same tasks as a laptop.

Jha conceded that a product hasn’t been a blurb success it hoped nor did business find it delivered a opening they were looking for.

However, Jha pronounced that a association is creation serve refinements and still believes in a judgment for a future.


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