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Can a Swann wire-free confidence camera strengthen the home for underneath £100?

You might already be informed with Swann – a confidence apparatus manufacturer has been a personality in a margin for decades and was one of a initial companies pioneering a “do it yourself” opinion towards home and skill security.

Established in Melbourne, Australia, Swann now has a participation in some-more than 40 countries and continues to broach a far-reaching array of consumer electronics, home confidence alarms, cameras and extensive confidence solutions.

In this standalone review, we will be holding a closer demeanour during a simple, 1080p “wire-free” confidence camera to see how it matches adult opposite competitors and a possess claimed specifications.

Straight out of a box it is transparent that this is a elementary confidence camera directed during a amateur market. As good as a camera itself, we get a captivating mountain for charging a battery and fasten and screws that means it’s suitable for putting a device flattering most anywhere. Although there’s reduction of an importance on ergonomics and pattern compared with a likes of Google’s Nest cameras, we found that it’s tiny and neat adequate to fit into flattering most anywhere around a home though it looking too conspicuous.

Setup is candid and only requires a designation of a Swann app (more on that later). You can bond it to a camera by scanning a QR formula on a behind of a device itself. Hassle-free and positively loyal to a manufacturer’s explain that this is an easy complement to use and operate.

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Swann Wire Free 1080p confidence camera

Buy now £89.99,

  • Weight: 228g
  • Power: Battery powered
  • Video: 1080p
  • Field of View: 180 degrees
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7.5 x 21 (cms)

Battery life

One of a initial questions that can mostly come adult when regulating inclination of this inlet is how prolonged a battery will last. Swann claims that a camera can final from 3 to 6 months on one assign – though we consider this isn’t realistic. With normal usage, in an outward environment with a satisfactory bit of recording and operation from people entrance and going, we consider you’d be looking to assign a section each month during a really least.


As you’d expect, a 1080p camera is of good adequate peculiarity in terms of high-definiton to make out people and activity, though from such a tiny device don’t design filmmaking peculiarity or capabilities.

It’s good adequate for infrequent use, however, and we generally favourite a fact that a microSD container allows we to save available footage locally for free. This is a large and for some-more amateur or beginner users, and allows a camera to stay affordable as there’s no need to fist a maybe restricted monthly subscription to a cloud service. If we do need cloud backup, we get 7 days for free, that is a good touch.

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The other facilities that mount out are particularly a glorious 180-degree observation angle and a ability to be put outward given a H2O and weatherproof abilities. The margin of perspective is really good indeed and we were tender by how most a camera picked up, permitting we to fist it into smaller spaces such as front porches, for instance.

If we do need to put it outside, Swann claims glorious weatherproofing and it has been designed to work all year round, in opposite temperatures and come sleet or snow. Again, for a price, a calming underline that some other cameras don’t have.

Integrations and Apps

The customary Swann app that’s downloaded when we implement a package can send pull notifications to your mobile device and also allows we to conduct a camera on a move.

Much like many of a video doorbells on a marketplace during a moment, there’s two-way audio, so we can pronounce to whoever’s during your door. Swann’s TrueDetect complement automatically senses transformation and feverishness in a operation of a camera, and starts recording – we can also entrance these by a app as well. Swann also claims face approval for adult to 10 people, though unfortunately, we couldn’t get this complement to work properly.

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Indeed, some people explain there have been issues with a app’s trustworthiness and performance, with crashes and bugs inspiring a usability, though we didn’t find any critical issues. That being said, a navigation and interface is maybe not as sharp as some of a some-more costly options in a home confidence world.

Additions and Add-ons

One profitable thing about shopping into a elementary setup from a good reputable and obvious manufacturer like Swann is that we have entrance to a far-reaching operation of accessories, additions and add-ons after you’ve commissioned a initial system. We’d be tempted by a solar panels that we can handle up, definition you’ll never need to assign a device again.

There are hundreds of ways of expanding a setup too with Swann’s array of confidence cameras and devices, definition we can get a entirely stable home with only a few combined and related products.

The verdict: Swann Wire-free 1080p confidence camera

We would have no qualms recommending a Swann Wire Free 1080p confidence camera to those removing into a universe of home confidence and are new to a industry. We consider we could finish adult spending a lot of money, so it’s value perplexing a cheaper, easier device such as this initial to get yourself going.

However, a camera itself is not though a flaws. The peculiarity isn’t as good as some others on a marketplace and a app and ubiquitous usability infrequently leave a bit to be desired, though we can pardon some of this for a sub-£100 product.

In a mind, a 180-degree margin of view, ability to leave outward for extended durations of time and a super-simple battery operation and setup means it’s a inestimable initial step – plus, if you’re looking to expand, we have Swann’s outrageous operation of products to select from in a future.

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