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Camera in your slot not a patch on any digital SLR

Canon 700D: Great altogether camera, yet roughly matching to a distant cheaper Canon 650D

– 18 Aug 2013

Technology Editor Adrian Weckler takes a demeanour during mid-range digital cameras that are distant aloft to a bland smartphone


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Generally, we all agree: no one needs a compress camera anymore. Our smartphones now cover roughly all situations, right?

Wrong. Firstly, cameraphones are heartless in low light, that means they’re invalid during set-piece occasions such as birthday parties. Second, they have immaterial zooms, ensuing in ultra-blurry shots of a bride during a tabernacle or a kids personification in goal. Instead of a €150 snapper, many are plumping for higher-end €500-plus cameras.

While these are incomparable and bulkier than compacts, they furnish distant aloft snaps – even on simple involuntary mode – to any compress or 13-megapixel cameraphone. This is down to a bigger distance of their sensors (the bit that measures and annals a photo) and a aloft image-capturing ability of a opposite lenses. These cameras start during about €350 and, during pledge fan level, go adult to €2,000. Here are 4 mid-range models value considering.

Canon 700D

Canon’s 700D vies for a pretension of best mid-range DSLR camera on a marketplace right now, with one caveat: a prototype (650D) is really scarcely as good and is roughly €100 cheaper in shops.

First and foremost, picture peculiarity is superb, even with a simple 18-55mm pack lens that comes with it (for best results, get a 50mm lens for an additional €120). Its sensor and processor mix to furnish shots as good as anything you’ll see in this cost bracket. The 18-megapixel camera’s video capabilities are also top-notch, with stereo recording and a hollow for an outmost microphone. The 700D’s fold-out touchscreen is honestly usable, a attainment few full-size DSLR cameras manage.

Lastly, it manages to keep a distance of a physique comparatively compact, that is a large help for anyone carrying a device around during parties or events.

Price: €770 with 18-55mm lens

Rating: ****

Nikon D5200

Nikon’s D5200 is a newest of a cameras reviewed here and some of a specifications uncover it. For example, a 24-megapixel sensor matches a top accessible during this price-point and contributes to generally glorious shot quality.

The camera’s video peculiarity is also really good, with primer wizz controls and stereo recording. Much of a record underneath a hood of a D5200 borrows heavily from Nikon’s some-more costly D7000 and D7100 models. This includes a comparatively quick 5.1 frames-per-second opening that beats many of a rivals (and that is accessible for throwing a bride walking down an aisle).

The camera is good and light, nonetheless it feels a tiny plasticky compared to some others on this list. Its arrangement shade extends out and to a side, a useful underline for sharpened during angles or self-portraits.

Price: €760 with 18-55mm lens

Rating: ****

Panasonic Lumix GH3

If you’re looking for something a tiny smaller than a full-size DSLR, yet need a camera that will give limit fathomable features, this 16-megapixel Lumix indication is value looking at.

Be warned, however: these don’t come cheap. The GH3 packs in an surprising series of high-end features. For example, it is a usually camera in a category that has a tie for a (separately available) battery grip. It also has a many aloft build-quality than many of a rivals, being tighten to weatherproof (splash-proof and dust-proof).

This camera uses a different, smaller transmutable lens complement to full-size DSLRs. However, there are copiousness available, including many high-end Leica lenses (though pricey, a picture peculiarity from Leica lenses is outstanding). The solitary obstacle to this camera is a really high price.

Price: €1,150 (body only; €1,750 with 14-140mm lens)

Rating: ***

Sony A65

Sony has prolonged had a repute for being a healthy choice among those who cite extended involuntary modes over ultra-manual print construction. Its ageing, yet still powerful, Alpha 65 indication is a good example.

Its 24-megapixel, large-sensored apparatus creates it demeanour and feel like a normal DSLR camera. And there’s zero wrong with a peculiarity of a shots or video, that generally review good to Nikon, Canon, Olympus or Pentax rivals. But a fervour for gadgetry creates this a mirrorless camera with a digital viewfinder instead of an visual one.

This won’t fit traditionalists, who cite peering into a tiny hole than supposed ‘live views’ (taking a print by looking during a screen). It also packs in a lot of user-friendly modes for opposite occasions. One obstacle is a A65’s age: it might be superceded by a inheritor indication soon.

Price: €770 with 18-55mm lens

Rating: ***

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