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Buffalo Launches Next Generation 11ac Wireless Routers

AUSTIN, Texas, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Buffalo Technology, a tellurian personality in a design, growth and production of connected and wireless networking and network and approach trustworthy storage solutions, currently announced a accessibility of a new AirStation™ Extreme AC 1750 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-1750DHP and a shortly to come AirStation Extreme AC 1200 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-1166DHP.  Supporting 802.11ac, a subsequent era Wi-Fi standard, Buffalo’s new routers broach in additional of gigabit wireless speeds, ideal for streaming HD video and song or gaming online with computer, smartphone and inscription devices. In addition, Buffalo has extended a routers with a new discerning user interface that allows consumers to simply conduct their wireless network, formulating an optimized sourroundings for their personal wireless use scenarios.

Today, a engorgement of wireless inclination in a home and a change in consumer calm expenditure habits is pushing a approach for next-generation Wi-Fi record that can broach faster speeds and extended range. Buffalo’s WZR-1750DHP and WZR-1166DHP are versed with twin wireless radios and Buffalo’s HighPower Technology for impassioned opening and range, creation them ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as online gaming and streaming HD content. In addition, a routers are back concordant for use with existent Wireless-N devices, handling in a 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrums.

“With any new wireless tool in a home and augmenting online activities opposed for bandwidth, consumers pull a bounds of their wireless networks on a daily basis,” pronounced Matt Dargis, clamp boss of sales during Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc. “We designed Buffalo’s new AirStation Extreme 11ac routers to accommodate these networking demands, providing high performance, underline packaged Wi-Fi, ideal for a digital driven lifestyle.”

Buffalo’s new user interface enables consumers to simply emanate a high speed wireless network with elementary setup and pattern from a mechanism or mobile device. Additionally, users can configure twin or some-more WZR-1750DHP or WZR-1166DHP inclination to act as a wireless overpass and repeater in seconds with AOSS, joining adult to 4 network-enabled connected inclination such as computers, media players and gaming consoles to an existent wireless network.

Beyond Traditional Home Networking
The AirStation Extreme goes over a normal wireless home network, introducing a new underline set that enables consumers to simply prioritize and conduct a trade and inclination on their network. Buffalo’s Priority Control QoS gives users a tip party knowledge by enabling them to automatically prioritize multimedia and gaming traffic, such as Netflix, YouTube and Xbox LIVE, for undeviating streaming and lag-free gaming. In addition, Buffalo’s new easy-to-navigate user interface allows consumers to prioritize inclination on a network for an even some-more personalized experience. AirStation Extreme also allows users to knowledge extended coverage, get high speed gigabit connected connections, bond a printer to a network, supplement common storage, and concede a family to roller a web worry-free with Norton™ ConnectSafe web filtering and easy-to-use parental control by Symantec.

Enhanced Performance with Beamforming
Buffalo’s WZR-1750DHP and WZR-1166DHP support beamforming record to optimize vigilance appetite for extended operation with inclination that also support a technology. Beamforming creates a some-more approach wireless vigilance as it privately targets upheld connected devices, such as a latest MacBook Air, a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a HTC One M7, boosting opening and operation even some-more to broach a reliable, high speed wireless tie for bandwidth complete activities.

Add 11ac Wi-Fi to a Computer or Laptop
Buffalo’s lineup of 802.11ac products includes a twin rope customer adapter, enabling consumers to take full advantage of high speed 802.11ac networking. Available now, a AirStation AC866 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter WI-U2-866D is a compress wireless client that connects a mechanism or laptop to an existent wireless network or prohibited mark for discerning and easy wireless Internet entrance during speeds adult to 866 Mbps.

Pricing and Availability
All Buffalo AirStation wireless solutions are corroborated by a singular three-year guaranty including toll-free U.S.-based technical support accessible 24/7.

  • The AirStation Extreme AC 1750 Gigabit Simultaneous Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-1750DHP is accessible now during an MSRP of $169.99.
  • The AirStation Extreme AC 1200 Gigabit Simultaneous Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-1166DHP will be accessible in late Jul during an MSRP of $149.99.
  • The AirStation AC866 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter WI-U2-866D is accessible now during an MSRP of $54.99.

About Buffalo Technology
Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc., formed in Austin, Texas, is a heading tellurian provider of award-winning networking, storage, multimedia and memory solutions for a home and tiny business environments as good as for complement builders and integrators. With roughly 3 decades of networking and mechanism marginal experience, Buffalo has proven a joining to delivering innovative, best-of-breed solutions that have put a association during a forefront of infrastructure technology.  For some-more information about Buffalo Technology and a products, greatfully revisit www.BuffaloTech.com.

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