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Buffalo Intros Two AirStation Extreme Wireless AC Routers

Buffalo has introduced dual new Wireless AC network routers.

Texas-based Buffalo Technology introduced dual new Wireless AC networking routers, the just-launched WZR-1750DHP and the arriving WZR-1166DHP. Both go in a company’s AirStation Extreme family, support Beamforming technology, and yield a new discerning user interface that allows consumers to simply conduct their wireless network. The WZR-1750DHP now costs $169.99 during participating retails and a WZR-1166DHP will cost $149.99 after this month.

According to a company, both routers are versed with dual wireless radios and Buffalo’s HighPower Technology for impassioned opening and range, creation them ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as online gaming and streaming HD content. They also have a USB 2.0 pier and a USB 3.0 pier ancillary printers and NAS products, and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports for connected inclination and a Internet modem.

However a WZR-1750DHP will yield faster speeds, dishing out adult to 1300 Mbps on a 5 GHz rope (802.11ac) and adult to 450 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz channel (802.11n). The cheaper WZR-1166DHP won’t be utterly so zippy, providing adult to 866 Mbps on a 5 GHz rope (802.11ac) and adult to 300 Mbps on a 2.4 GHz rope (802.11n). Otherwise, both seem to be matching save for their energy expenditure and receiver configuration.

“With any new wireless tool in a home and augmenting online activities opposed for bandwidth, consumers pull a bounds of their wireless networks on a daily basis,” pronounced Matt Dargis, clamp boss of sales during Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc. “We designed Buffalo’s new AirStation Extreme 11ac routers to accommodate these networking demands, providing high performance, underline packaged Wi-Fi, ideal for a digital driven lifestyle.”

Both routers can be configured as a wireless bridge. For example, consumers can squeeze dual WZR-1750DHP modems and settle one as a executive network router, joining it to a modem. The other section can be determined somewhere else within operation and configured to wirelessly “bridge” network signals to and from a initial device. This will assistance extend a altogether wireless network into places a initial router is incompetent to strech – device owners in a extended area simply bond wirelessly or around Ethernet to a second unit.

Buffalo’s new routers also underline priority control QoS to umpire media and party trade such as Netflix, YouTube and Xbox LIVE, web filtering and parental controls powered by Norton, and an easy set-up process. And as formerly stated, both routers support Beamforming record that creates a some-more approach wireless vigilance as it privately targets upheld connected inclination like a HTC One M7, Samsung Galaxy S4 and others.

Naturally a best enrich to Buffalo’s dual new Wireless AC routers is a dual-band customer adapter for desktops and laptops, the $54.99 WI-U2-866D Wireless AC USB 2.0 adapter. It’s usually able of speeds adult to 866 Mbps on a 5 GHz rope (up to 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz), so even if consumers bought both a WZR-1750DHP router and this adapter, they’re usually reaching WZR-1166DHP speeds. That said, a faster USB adapter some-more suitable for a WZR-1750DHP indication could seem on a marketplace before a finish of a year.

For some-more information about a company’s new AirStation Extreme wireless routers, head here.

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