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Blinds that constraint solar energy and your attention


The Rolar Blinds do 3 things. They strap a appetite of a sun, they cut a glisten of a object out during a day, gripping your indoors ambient, and they demeanour positively beautiful while they do a above two.

The Rolar Blinds mount during a crux between new-age photovoltaic copy techniques, a arise in approach for solar panels, and comprehensive striking beauty, as they try copy solar cells in manners that roughly feel like graffiti, though with a some-more approach purpose, i.e., charging your devices. At a bottom of a blinds rest a cylindrical weights that come with a USB pier that let we assign your inclination or your power-banks by simply plugging them into a screen and withdrawal them on a list circuitously or a windowsill as we daub into a solar system’s largest (free) energy source. The cylindrical members (battery packs) are even detachable, permitting we to lift your energy with you. However, a preference of a Rolar Blinds takes second place to the graphical beauty that move art and record together beautifully and seamlessly.

Designer: Nathan Webb






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