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Bionic outdoes iPhone, Android models

The long-awaited Motorola Droid Bionic, Verizon’s initial dual-core processor 4G smartphone, is finally here — and it was value a wait.

A one-gigahertz, dual-core processor with one gigabyte of RAM creates this phone unequivocally rapid on a carrier’s 4G LTE network, and it comes with a latest Android “Gingerbread” handling system, too.

While a Bionic doesn’t have a jaw-dropping arrangement of a recently expelled Samsung Droid Charge, it does exaggerate a 960-by-540 high-resolution shade that looks really pointy during Web browsing. Surfing a Internet is a fun on a Bionic, as a 4G network is superfast, creation discerning work of downloads. And a call clarity was great, either on a 4G network or regulating Wi-Fi.

This $299 smartphone (with a two-year Verizon agreement) has a customary 4 touch-sensitive Android buttons, a 4.3-inch display, 16GB of inner storage and comes with a 16GB microSD card. It’s neat and slim and — during 5.57 ounces — is lighter than we competence expect.

Setting adult accounts on a Bionic is a snap with start-up wizard, that lets we get your e-mail, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Flickr and other apps adult to speed quickly. The Bionic offers good formation of all your amicable media, with widgets we can supplement to your arrangement shade that refurbish automatically.

This solidly engineered phone also comes with some extraordinary apps of a own. There’s Motoprint, an app that allows we to imitation to a Wi-Fi enabled printer right from a phone. It’s Webtop practical focus (with an discretionary $30 adapter) lets we lamp a Firefox Web browser, e-mail or papers from a Bionic to a TV or mechanism monitor.

But my favorite is ZumoCast, a new giveaway Motorola focus that lets we wirelessly tide songs, videos or papers from your mechanism onto a Bionic though downloading or synching. After installing a program on my mechanism and a Bionic, we started streaming music, videos and papers right onto a phone though a hitch. Music sounded good on this phone and video also played behind flawlessly. ZumoCast is a illusory and easy approach to couple your mechanism with your phone.

The Bionic also has an discretionary $199 11.6-inch shade lapdock, that we did not receive, that lets a phone duty as a laptop replacement. A $40 discretionary Vehicle Navigation Dock gives we easy entrance to maps, contacts, allows hands-free job and navigation and lets we tide audio and song by a 3.5 mm audio jack to play by your car’s speakers.

The Bionic’s 8-megapixel back camera and front camera for video chatting are some-more than decent. There’s a mobile hot-spot underline that supports mixed devices. And a phone has HDMI mirroring that allows full 1080p high-definition playback. we mirrored a Blu-ray video record from my exam SIM label on a Bionic, and it looked implausible on my 46-inch flatscreen TV.

To sum up, a Motorola Bionic might not have a Samsung Droid Charge’s illusory display, though it’s faster and a practical focus facilities are groundbreaking. Factor in a 1080p high-def camcorder and expandable memory and battery options, it’s leagues forward of any other Android phone on a marketplace and even improved than Apple’s 3G-hobbled iPhone. It’s by distant a best smartphone now accessible for Verizon Wireless customers.

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