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Best Android Games of a Week: Hellraid The Escape, Ironclad Tactics …

Best Android Games of a Week

All titles that are posted next are listed in no sold order, so that we will be means to confirm for yourself that ones to install. Most Android video games are opening with in-app purchases, though in this post we’ve attempted to list games that are mostly giveaway of any additional purchases. However, given a developers still need to make income out of their work, afterwards we will have to buy their games in sequence to implement them.

Below we can find tiny reviews for 6 new Android video games along with Google Play Store download and implement links. Note that in box we can consider of other good Android video games that were recently launched, afterwards we can tell us in comments.

Hellraid: The Escape – $2.99

Hellraid The Escape

I adore this game’s “embrace genocide to escape” tag-line, as we will mostly have to die initial in sequence to finish all a puzzles and shun a game’s dirty dungeons. Every time we die we will be resurrected during a chamber’s entrance. This is a first-person puzzler that use a Unreal Engine graphics and it offers one of a best mobile video diversion experience.

The diversion starts with your impression being incite in a tomb and right divided we are killed by a horrific demon. After that we will revive and find a note left behind by a chairman / remains that was substantially in your accurate situation. Read a note and afterwards afterwards on your query will begin. Hellraid: The Escape is $2.99 in Google Play Store, and it can be commissioned on all Android 2.3 and after OS versions.

The Nightmare Cooperative – $3.99

The Nightmare Cooperative

This diversion is designed by Lucky Frame and it is a turn-based puzzler in that we will control several characters. Each impression has opposite skills and any time one dies it will stay dead, it army we to try and finish a turn with a remaining characters. Note that any new diversion started will be wholly opposite than a final one played.

Install The Nightmare Cooperative on Android 2.3 and after OS chronicle from Google Play Store here. In sequence to implement a diversion on your device we will initial have to compensate $3.99, though there are no in-app purchases.

CounterSpy – $4.99


You are a view that has to try and do whatever it takes in sequence to say universe assent during a Cold War era. In CounterSpy we will find a 3D environment, though a gameplay is 2D, we need to pierce though being beheld while perplexing to discharge all enemies we confront in your path. Make certain to director for blueprints and other in-game files in sequence to get your hands on improved weapons and items.

CounterSpy can be commissioned on all Android 4.2 and after variants usually from Google Play Store here. There are no in-app purchases in this game, though we will have to compensate $4.99 in sequence to implement it on your device.

daWindci Deluxe – $1.99

daWindci Deluxe

daWindci Deluxe has finally arrived on Android, as it was launched roughly 3 years ago for all iOS devices. Your design is to control a prohibited atmosphere balloon regulating a wind, usually appropriate around a shade and try to finish all levels, collect a equipment and drive your approach to victory. Listen to a pleasing soundtrack and suffer a graphics in over 5 hours of continual play time as there are some-more than 50 levels and adult to 25 balloon designs.

This diversion is usually $1.99 in Google’s Play Store and it works with all Android 2.3.3 and after versions. Install it from this couple here and suffer a diversion that doesn’t underline any in-app purchases.

Ironclad Tactics – FREE

Ironclad Tactics

This is a card-based plan video diversion with a story set in a Civil War, though an swap one where there are steam-powered robots that are doing all a complicated fighting. Collect cards as we play by a whole campaign, as good as attempting to emanate a absolute rug of cards.

Ironclad Tactics is giveaway to implement from Google Play Store here. If we wish to suffer and play a finish game, afterwards we can clear it by profitable $3.99 and we will get a new diversion and mode, too. Also, if we wish to supplement dual moew DLC campaigns afterwards we will have to pay a sum of $5.98 for both of them.

Entwined Challenge – $0.99

Entwined Challenge

PlayStation Mobile has ported this renouned PS$, PS 4 and PS Vita video diversion for Android devices. In this diversion we will control a characters with your thumbs and try and line both of them up, so that with a spiraling hovel that unfolds on your display. Check developer’s dedicated diversion page in sequence to learn some-more about this game, as there are 5 opposite levels regulating a Asian elements of Earth, Wood, Water, Metal and Fire.

Install it on all Android 4.2 and after versions from Google Play Store here. In sequence to implement it on your device we will have to compensate $0.99, though we will be personification though being bugged by any in-app purchases.

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