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Best Android Apps of a Week: Afterlight, HTC Zoe, Dropbox 2.4.3, and More

Best Apps of a Week

A new week has only begun and we are here to move you our Best Android Apps of a Week column. As always we will be featuring a best apps that were launched in Google Play Store in a week’s time frame.

Today we will be articulate about a best Android apps expelled between Aug 10 and Aug 17. As we might know, we are always featuring both new apps and comparison applications that received noteworthy updates.

In a Best Android Apps of a Week column you will be means to find both giveaway and payed apps. Some of a featured apps might have in-app purchases, nonetheless we will let we know. Without serve happening let’s have a demeanour during last week’s bets apps.

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta – Free

Xbox One SmartGalss Beta

There are dual versions of a Xbox One SmartGlass app: a unchanging one and bet. The latter one allows a users to take an early look during a facilities that will be integrated in a unchanging app.

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta received an refurbish final week that allows users to share and post activity feed items, post standing updates to activity feed, or see activity feed on their profile. The new chronicle also displays messages in a new conversations perspective and introduces a ability to record diversion clips.

You can check a Xbox One SmartGlass Beta full changelog here. The app is accessible for download for giveaway in Google Play Store.

Afterlight – $0.99


I know that there are already tons of filter and outcome apps in Play Store, nonetheless we am certain we would wish to check Afterlight. The app debuted in iOS and after it became a popular, it’s now accessible in Play Store, too, for any Android device using Android 4.0.3 and higher.

Afterlight has all a capabilities of identical filter and outcome apps, nonetheless its simplicity is what creates it special. You will be means to use it to crop, rotate, tweak brightness, contrast, exposure, and other identical stuff. It has 59 filter, 66 textures, and 77 support shapes.

Afterlight has a cost of $0.99 and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store during this link. If we want more effects an frames we will have to compensate $0.99 to clear a Instant Film Pack.

HTC Zoe – Free


HTC’s Zoe app has perceived support for a handful inclination outward a HTC line-up. Even nonetheless it doesn’t have a same functionality as a app done for HTC phones, it’s still a great tool for creation cold videos.

HTC Zoe is still in beta and it has support for inclination like Nexus 5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, or Galaxy S4. Anyway, HTC betrothed to enhance a accessibility to all Samsung, LG, and HTC inclination using KitKat or higher. As we might know, HTC Zoe is useful when it comes to formulating montages out of photos and videos stored on your smartphone.

If we have a concordant smartphone we can try HTC Zoe for free. Here’s a Google Play Store download link.

Mailbox 1.1 – Free


Drobox’s mail client, Mailbox, has been updated to chronicle 1.1. Besides bug fixes and opening improvements, a new chronicle arrives with lots of other new features.

Mailbox 1.1 introduces support for 19 new languages and a ability to appropriate and reason to emanate an Auto-swipe settlement or collection swipe. Devices running Android 4.4 and higher received support for cloud printing, and you will now be means to view spam and symbol messages as spam, as good to delete from rabble and spam permanently.

The Maiblox 1.1 refurbish is now being rolled out to users. You can check a app in Google Play Store at this link.

Humble Bundle 2.0 – Free

Humble Bundle

If we purchased games by Humble Bundle we substantially know about a Android client. Well, we are blissful to announce we that a Humble Bundle app has perceived an refurbish to chronicle 2.0.

The new refurbish introduces a new pattern that allows we to easier entrance your content. The interface has a Holo flavor and we will be means to find your audio calm or ebooks with ease.

Humble Bundle 2.0 is giveaway and it can be commissioned from Google Play Store. Here’s the download link.

Amazon Kindle 4.6.0 – Free

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle app perceived an refurbish over a past week. The app has reached chronicle 4.6.0, which introduces a integrate of cold features.

Amazon Kindle 4.6 arrives with full-screen immersive mode and has a new symbol in the bottom right dilemma to close orientation. It also allows users to select complement liughtness in reader settings, to navigate inscription of essence by underling chapter, or to span with Bluetooth inclination for audiobooks.

The Amazon Kindle 4.6.0 refurbish is being pushed to users as we speak. If we haven’t attempted a app yet, we can do it for giveaway directly from Google Play Store.

Box – Free


Box, a Android customer of a renouned cloud storage service, has perceived a vital update. Even nonetheless a interface is flattering many a same, we will be means to suffer tons of new and useful features.

The new Box refurbish introduces Box Notes on Android (you will also be means means to format text) and a new recently non-stop files list. It also comes with new options for common links, new customer settings for admins, and a ability to lift to modernise a folder list or to undo comments on files.

The app is accessible for giveaway and it brings 10 GB of giveaway cloud storage. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store during this link.

Dropbox 2.4.3 – Free


Dropbox is one of a many renouned cloud storage services in a world. Well, a association updated their Android app to chronicle 2.4.3 over a past week.

Drobox 2.4.3 arrives with preview Word, PowerPoint and PDF files directly from a app, while a hunt knowledge has perceived a boost. It also comes with a ability to limit the permissions for common folders (Dropbox for Business users-only) and it arrives with lots of bug fixes and performance improvements, including cache opening enhancements.

As we might know, a Drobox Android app is free. The 2.4.3 refurbish is now being rolled out to users, nonetheless we can also check it in Google Play Store here.

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