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BC Hydro’s Smart Meters

To a editor;

BC Hydro skeleton to start installing “smart meters” this summer in a Northern BC interior. These meters broadcast a wireless signal, networking your area regulating pulses of high appetite radio magnitude transmission. It has been found that these frequencies can mangle DNA strands prolonged before Canada’s EMF reserve threshold is reached. ( see links to studies below)

I’m not into swindling theories, though there is a flourishing pile of justification that radio magnitude deviation used by dungeon phones, smart meters, laptops etc. means no finish of health problems, including cancer. You can gamble that when WHO reported that dungeon phones might means mind cancer, they were underneath some vigour to “soften” a report. This wireless electrosmog frying a cells, bursting a DNA, 24/7 is a new “inconvenient truth”, no one wants to give adult their new wireless gadget, (i-Fry) and BC Hydro’s smart meters are only another instance of convenience, and a bottom line trumping a health.

Doctor David Carpenter is a Harvard Medical School-trained medicine who headed adult a New York State Dept. of Public Health for 18 years before apropos Dean of a School of Public Health during a University of Albany, where he now leads a Institute for Health and a Environment” Dr. Carpenter has complicated a health risks of smart meters. He states, “We have evidence…that bearing to radiofrequency radiation…increases a risk of cancer, increases repairs to a shaken system, causes electrosensitivity, has inauspicious reproductive effects and a accumulation of other effects on opposite organ systems.  There is no justification for a matter that Smart Meters have no inauspicious health effects. “  (http://smartmetersafety.com/)

Many other counterpart reviewed studies by venerable researchers have found identical and shocking justification of a dangers of smart meters, and other wireless inclination such as dungeon phones, and laptops.

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to take a precautionary proceed before blanketing a race with another turn of deviation 24/7, and control a thorough, unprejudiced examination of all a research, not only those studies ancillary a telecommunication industries interests.

Bruce Ryder.

Peachland B.C.


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