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ASK TONY: I’ve a falling feeling Zurich won’t cover my kitchen flood

Tony Hazell

18:59 EST, 13 Aug 2013


05:14 EST, 14 Aug 2013

Last year, we beheld that when we stepped into my kitchen my feet sank into a vinyl flooring. My father detected H2O underneath a flooring and traced a means to a hose from a soaking machine, that had been leaking.
He remade this and we insincere all would be OK.

However, over a months some-more and some-more places seemed to be affected. A flooring consultant reliable it had rotted and we would need a new building and covering.
We called a insurer, Zurich, that asked when we had initial detected a problem.

When we answered, truthfully, that it was final Sep or Oct we was told we couldn’t explain given we hadn’t sensitive them immediately.
I have been insured with them for 20 years nonetheless creation a claim.

E. S., Milton Keynes

Home cover: Insurer Zurich concluded to compensate a explain in full after Tony Hazell contacted them

Home cover: Insurer Zurich concluded to compensate a explain in full after Tony Hazell contacted them

I have good magnetism for your plight, carrying suffered a identical occurrence about 15 years ago. Hating DIY, we had, for months, abandoned a fact that one side of my soaking appurtenance was gradually falling into a kitchen floor.

I finally investigated when a cacophony from a lunatic spin dryer could no longer be drowned out by my hi-fi. It was afterwards we detected a leaking pipe.
In my case, a insurer paid adult for my decaying building true away. So we was astounded to review that we had difficulties.

However, Zurich creates a excusable indicate when it says we should have sensitive a association when we initial detected a problem. On your side, however, is that we had suspicion we had solved a problem.

Zurich has now reviewed your explain and says it appreciates we were in fact preoccupied to a repairs that was holding place right underneath your feet.
It will therefore be profitable your explain in full and apologises for any nuisance cause. It has also waived a £350 process excess; this is a initial partial of a explain that we would have had to compensate yourself.

Zurich says it prides itself on a ‘first-class patron service’. It admits it was reckless in a initial decision.


Currys pronounced it would cost £130 to repair my laptop and £75 to give it behind to me broken!

I bought a Samsung laptop from Currys final year. My son forsaken it and it subsequently grown a blunder and would not charge.
I took it behind to a store awaiting it to be bound underneath warranty.

At a time we was told really clearly that there would be zero to compensate unless they came behind to me and concluded a figure in advance.

After several weeks chasing by phone we called in during a store. we was told we would have to compensate some-more than £130 to have it fixed. Even worse, we would have to compensate £75 not to get it bound nonetheless usually to get it back!
P. K., Hertfordshire.

Currys reinvestigated your case. You have now supposed that a blunder was substantially caused when your son forsaken a laptop, even nonetheless it did not emerge for another integrate of months.

However, due to a cursory diagnosis we contend we received, Currys will compensate we £75 as a goodwill gesture.

You, in turn, will compensate to have a laptop fixed. So, once a goodwill gesticulate is paid, a altogether cost to we will be £55. Currys has betrothed to keep a tighten eye on this emanate to safeguard a quick and excusable resolution.


T-Mobile gave me a £169 check for general calls we didn’t make

In April, we took out a new mobile phone contract. My series altered from my prior network T-Mobile on Apr 13. we have given perceived a check from them for £169.84 for general calls done in May, that we did not make.

T-Mobile is melancholy to pass a check to debt collectors, that would put my credit rating in jeopardy. Clearly my information and confidence have been compromised.

I have asked T-Mobile for a ‘deadlock’ minute so we can take a brawl further. I’ve had another hazard to impute a emanate to debt collectors since, nonetheless no other communication.
J. L., Leicester.

Here we go again. Another communications organisation that finds it unfit to communicate.
T-Mobile’s diagnosis of we fell good brief of what is acceptable.

When we contacted them we perceived a succinct matter by a open family group saying: ‘We have apologised to your reader for a nuisance caused by this blunder and can endorse that a emanate has now been entirely resolved.’

As they didn’t wish to chat, let’s spell out your box one some-more time. You were released with a check for calls we had not made, we perceived follow-up letters melancholy we with debt collectors and your ask for a deadlock minute was ignored.
The upshot is that T-Mobile has created off a £169.84.

It has certified that a emanate was caused by fraud, as we pronounced all along.
Incidentally, we don’t need a deadlock minute to take a box to Ombudsman Services, a eccentric magistrate for communications.
If a association has not solved a problem after 8 weeks usually give them a call on 0330 440 1614.

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FROM personal experience, in a 60’s, they are a WORSE for profitable out, when we are claiming opposite one of there process holders.


16/8/2013 00:41

Zurich – despicable word company. They wouldn’t acknowledge 100% guilt when one of their insured idiots pulled out of a gateway in front of me some years ago and we clipped his behind wing underneath complicated braking. we wouldn’t go nearby them if they were a final word association in a world.


15/8/2013 21:25

Zurich are scandalous for being bad payers when current claims are made. we used to work in a word attention and nonetheless doubt Zurich had a really bad reputation.


Reading, United Kingdom,
15/8/2013 08:27

“Always best to have buildings and essence from a same provider afterwards they would not pass a sire as to who pays for what. Carpets are lonesome underneath essence and nonetheless vinyl flooring is lonesome underneath buildings insurance.” by knicol46. Another advantage there is that if a buildings and essence are both shop-worn in a same eventuality there will usually be one additional and not dual (at slightest that is how many insurers do a excess)


a place not to be, United Kingdom,
15/8/2013 06:52

I can’t trust there is a £350 additional with Zurich. we was with More Than and am certain it was usually £100 excess. They were positively shining a integrate of years ago, when in an impassioned cold patch a siren in my loft detonate and when that was bound and boiler switched behind on that afterwards burst. so i indispensable a whole new boiler. They paud adult for everything, including busted building in lavatory nonetheless quibble. i have usually altered to a cheaper quote elsewhere nonetheless am commencement to consider perhaqps we should have stayed with them, as positively did not have any problems during all when we indispensable to claim.


Colchester, United Kingdom,
15/8/2013 00:46

Indeed one wonders these days in a disaster either any of them will frankly compensate up, we consternation usually how many of us review and know they tiny imitation of that there is much


Berks, United Kingdom,
14/8/2013 23:24

Always best to have buildings and essence from a same provider afterwards they would not pass a sire as to who pays for what. Carpets are lonesome underneath essence and nonetheless vinyl flooring is lonesome underneath buildings insurance.


14/8/2013 21:46

You can compensate any sum underneath criticism to T Mobile given we do not wish a bad credit file, afterwards we can sue T Mobile in a tiny claims court. Easy and effective.


Manchester, United Kingdom,
14/8/2013 21:19

T-Mobile contingency be a misfortune association in a universe when it comes to patron service. You can usually go to a regulator CISAS not Ofcom, to solve your complaint.


Manchester, United Kingdom,
14/8/2013 18:29

And a dignified of a story is: if companies don’t play round plate out some disastrous publicity! Typical, another bucket of thieves this lot.

Kilo Charlie

My World, United Kingdom,
14/8/2013 16:11

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