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Ask Slashdot: Data-Only Phone, Voice Over WiFi?

Check out VirginMobile’s Data Plans. []

$25, prepaid, for 300 minutes and ‘unlimited data’.

How do I use WiFi?
Here’s how:

Press Menu Key.
Tap Wireless & Networks.
Tap Wi-Fi to turn Wi-Fi on. A green checkmark will appear in the box.
Tap Wi-Fi settings.
Select an available network and tap Connect.

Note: If you are connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network, you will be asked to provide the password or key. Press the Home Key to return to the main screen.

How do I transfer music to my device?
Follow these steps:

Connect the phone to your computer using the USB cable that’s connected to your charger or any compatible USB cable.
Once the connection has been established, select Sync on your device.
Open My Computer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).
Your phone will appear as a removable drive on your computer. Double-click the drive representing your phone.

Now you can drag and drop music files to your phone. When you’re done, use your computer’s controls to safely eject the drive representing your phone

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