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Ask Maggie: The desired total information plan

Slowly though certainly a total information devise for mobile phones is slipping away.

First it was ATT, that announced final year that it was removing absolved of a total information devise to safeguard mobile information overeaters didn’t cackle adult a jagged share of network resources. T-Mobile followed with a devise that it still calls “unlimited,” though indeed throttles use after users strike a certain threshold. And shortly Verizon Wireless will also be observant bah-bye to total data.

For many consumers, who use good next a thresholds that carriers assign for overages, a switch to a tiered charity substantially won’t impact them. But for complicated information users and for people endangered that their use will boost in a future, a rejecting of total information skeleton is causing a good understanding of hand-wringing and angst about a future.

In this week’s Ask Maggie, we advise a heavy-data-using Verizon Wireless subscriber to re-up his agreement presently to keep his good understanding before it ends.

Also in this week’s Ask Maggie column, we diffuse a gossip that ATT is not permitting existent smartphone business to keep their total information use when they ascent to “4G” HSPA+ phones. And finally, we answer a doubt about either a dual-mode LTE/WiMax chip will come on a marketplace soon.

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The finish of total data

Dear Maggie,
I’m prepared to ascent from my strange Droid, though I’ve been patiently watchful for a Motorola Droid Bionic. Now that Verizon is formulation to finish total information plans, should we stop a watchful diversion and close myself in for a two-year agreement with a Verizon Droid Charge by Samsung or the
HTC Thunderbolt? Or should we keep waiting? we use about 3GB to 4GB of information per month.


Dear Dustin,
Holy mackerel, we use a lot of information my friend! You are one of those complicated information users that all a operators protest about. ATT pronounced a year ago when it changed to a tiered pricing devise that 98 percent of a business use reduction than 2GB of information per month. we don’t know for certain what a stat is today, though we doubt unequivocally many that your use fits into a normal user’s profile.

So what should we do? Given your usage, it creates clarity for we to hang with an total plan. The large doubt is how can we do that? You are scold about Verizon‘s intentions to discharge a total devise on a network. The association is relocating toward a tiered pricing model. Several executives have reliable this publicly. This week, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo pronounced during a Barclays Capital financier discussion that a conduit will pierce to a tiered charity this summer. Shammo also reliable that as Verizon moves to a tiered offering, a association would stop charity a total information plan.

“I’m not going to go into accurately what we are going to launch in a summertime, though we indeed will be going to tiered pricing. The total pricing will be taken off a table,” he said, according to a twin from a event.

Neither Motorola nor Verizon is being specific about a launch date for a Droid Bionic. But Motorola told The Wall Street Journal that it will be expelled this summer. And as we forked out, Verizon also pronounced that a total skeleton are going divided this summer.

The association hasn’t pronounced either it will “grandfather” existent business who already have an total devise when a new process takes outcome so that when people ascent to a new phone they get to keep their total plans. This is a process that ATT has adopted.

So if we were you, we wouldn’t wait around for a Droid Bionic. If we unequivocally wish to keep your total information plan, we should substantially select one of a 4G
Android phones from Verizon already on a market. Bonnie Cha pronounced in her examination that she unequivocally likes a Samsung Droid Charge.

The reason we contend get a phone now is that Verizon contingency respect whatever agreement we have concluded to when it changes a plans. So if we close into a total devise now, we should be means to keep it for during slightest twin years until your agreement ends.

After that, it’s anyone’s theory what will occur with information pricing. ATT was a initial conduit to pierce to tiered pricing final year. T-Mobile USA says it has an total plan, though a association recently began throttling behind speeds after users strike a pre-set information cap. (Besides in twin years, T-Mobile will approaching be owned by ATT, that skeleton to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion.) After Verizon gets absolved of a total information plans, Sprint Nextel will be a usually vital wireless conduit left that offers loyal total data. But even Sprint has pronounced that it hasn’t ruled out relocating to a tiered offering.

Anyway, my recommendation to we is to get sealed in to a total devise while we can. It might be your final chance.

Keeping your ATT total information plan

Dear Maggie,
we am confused as to since ATT wireless is creation their business who have been “grandfathered” in with total 3G information skeleton change to a tiered information devise if they wish to ascent to a supposed 4G phone. we have chatted with both an ATT deputy and a BestBuy salesman online about upgrading to a Motorola Atrix. But both reps told me that we could not keep my existent total information devise with ATT, since they pronounced that usually people upgrading to 3G wireless services are grandfathered into a total information plans. What’s unequivocally irritating about this is that Atrix doesn’t even support genuine 4G. It’s an HSPA+ phone and not an LTE or WiMax device. Why is there this double standard?


Dear Mileskw,
I’ve got good news for you. The reps we spoke with are wrong. we checked with Mark Siegel, a orator for ATT, and he told me that “if we are a smartphone patron on a total devise and wish to keep it, we can –even if we select another smartphone.” we asked him to double-check that this enclosed a new HSPA+ phones, such during a Motorola Atrix and a Samsung Infuse, and he pronounced “yes.”

So we should be good to go. If a sales repute continues to tell we that this is not a policy, I’d advise seeking for a supervisor, who should know a scold policy.

Dual-mode LTE/WiMax chips coming

Hello Maggie,
we would like to know if we are wakeful of a chipmaker who will be putting out a twin radio in a phone or laptop that can entrance WiMaX and LTE. From what we know both standards are similar. we review an essay about Beecem Chip that can support LTE and WiMaX.


Dear Ronald
Several companies, including Beceem/Broadcom, Intel, and Sequans are operative on dual-mode LTE and WiMax chips. And those chips should be prepared in a marketplace unequivocally soon. WiMax and LTE are formed on a OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division mixed access) technology, so removing a twin to co-exist in a same chip shouldn’t be too difficult.

That said, it’s misleading either device makers will see any constrained reason to offer inclination with such chips built into them. LTE has a transparent lead in terms of record of choice for mobile broadband in a U.S. and abroad. Verizon Wireless has already launched a LTE network and ATT is about to launch a network this summer. Vodafone, a largest wireless user in a world, is also formulation to use LTE for a next-generation wireless network. And many other carriers around a universe are relocating toward LTE.

Because it will be so widely deployed, LTE is approaching to take advantage of economies of scale and therefore rigging to build those networks, as good as a consumer inclination themselves, will be cheaper than inclination done for WiMax networks.

That said, WiMax is not approaching to go away. Sprint and Clearwire in a U.S. are building a national WiMax network for mobile information users. And in other tools of a world, WiMax is used to offer bound wireless connections.

But there are indications that Sprint and Clearwire might be deliberation adding LTE to their networks.

If this happens, a dual-mode WiMax/LTE chips could be used by networking apparatus vendors to assistance make it easier for operators to switch between a twin technologies. And there might be a need for some consumer inclination to have both functionalities. This approach a user wouldn’t have to caring or consider about either they are regulating a WiMax or LTE device on that network.

Even with dual-mode chips, it doesn’t indispensably meant that a consumer regulating a smartphone from Verizon Wireless would be means to use that same device to ramble onto Sprint’s WiMax network. In fact, Verizon LTE inclination used currently approaching won’t ramble seamlessly onto European conduit networks regulating LTE, since opposite frequencies are used to offer a use in opposite regions.

The some-more dire emanate for device makers and wireless providers is to settle a customary that will concede interoperability among several next-generation wireless networks.

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