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Apple’s New iPad Also Has Wi-Fi Problems?

The risk of being an early adopter has been well-documented. While a disturb of being a initial on your retard with a rarely anticipated, widely distinguished device can be addictive, it’s mostly value it to wait dual to 3 months for a association to recover a patch that fixes all a bugs and glitches it missed before to release.

I know we felt that bewail when we jumped aboard a Motorola (MMI) Droid Bionic train, usually to find a Android (GOOG) device issued a high-pitched squeal that each other examination had missed. It was an painful wait before that bug was patched.

And it would seem that some owners of Apple’s (AAPL) new iPad are going by a identical bit of buyer’s remorse.

This week, it was suggested that a new device can get uncomfortably hot underneath certain conditions. Making matters worse, new testimonials are pouring in relating a tablet’s Wi-Fi connectivity problems — echoing an emanate with a strange iPad which Apple confirmed.

Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz has collected forums posts from users who detected a new iPad has Wi-Fi accepting issues. According to a flourishing series of owners, a new iPad will register a most weaker vigilance than progressing models. A thread on AppleCare’s support forums began with:

“I am in a hotel with my laptop and new ipad3. The laptop wifi accepting is as clever as it gets, though a iPad usually registers a diseased signal. Anyone else carrying identical problems? Any suggestions?”

Others began agreeable in:

“Same here ipad2 has twice a wifi operation with a same settings as a ipad3. The screens good though we might lapse cave if this is a approach they all are.”

“Same here! Will not reason WIFI for some-more than a few minutes. Two MacBooks and iPhone operative excellent from same router. Ready to lapse iPad!!!!!”

After Diaz reported a issue, dual readers wrote in to Gizmodo to follow adult on a story, one of whom reliable a emanate with Apple Geniuses during a revisit to a sell location:

“I spent 90 min in a store. We compared a speed on a 3 and my 2. Wasn’t a thespian disproportion (because we were in a behind of a store, closer to a router mothership!) But still there was a difference.

They did an exchange—but we all motionless to exam a new iPad 3.

We tested it, and still there was a disproportion – about 2/3 a strength. It wasn’t that big.

Then a clerk suggested we try another appurtenance to review dual 3’s—and my 2.

When we went to a front of a store—at a entryway to a mall—I was vindicated! Because a vigilance was weaker—the a 2 was flying—getting 12 or 15—while a 3 was lagging during 3 or 4.

So a manager was called over. It was motionless to barter it for nonetheless another 3.

Tested it again and it was still a same problem.

But now everybody was wakeful that there is a problem with a 3.

Bottom line: we returned it, got my income behind – and am behind to a 2. It’s not as sharp, though it’s fast! So, I’ll wait a month or so, and see if they conduct to urge a wifi issue.”

As with a strange iPad, it’s really expected that Apple will patch a emanate with an update. However, it’ll be an painful wait until a repair is delivered.

But as any early adopter can tell you, it comes with a territory. Even with Apple.

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