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Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE announced, T-Mobile says it’ll lift them

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Today Apple took a wraps off of dual new Apple Watch models and they’re both entrance to T-Mobile.

First is a Apple Watch Series 6, a new flagship indication of Apple’s smartwatch family. One of a initial upgrades you’ll notice are a new tone options, including blue and (PRODUCT)RED aluminum models and a gray-black immaculate steel tone called Graphite.

Inside a Apple Watch Series 6 is S6 chip, that is formed on a A13 Bionic processor inside a iPhone 11. Apple touts that this S6 chip runs 20% faster than a S5 chip inside a Apple Watch Series 5. There’s faster charging inside a Series 6, too, vouchsafing we get a full assign in reduction than 1.5 hours.


The softened always-on diplay of a Apple Watch Series 6 is adult to 2.5 times brighter than a Series 5 when your wrist is down, creation it easier to peek during your wrist and check a time. An always-on altimeter will give we real-time betterment info all day, too.

The other vital ascent of a Apple Watch Series 6 is blood oxygen monitoring. This new sensor on a behind of a smartwatch uses a multiple of LEDs and photodiodes to magnitude your blood oxygen level, that measures a volume of oxygen being carried from your lungs to a rest of your body. You can manually check your blood oxygen turn in 15 seconds, and a Apple Watch Series 6 will intermittently perform credentials checks via a day.

Apple is taking orders for a Apple Watch Series 6 today and will launch a new smartwatch on Friday. Pricing starts during $399 for a GPS indication and $499 for a GPS + Cellular version. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert reliable today that T-Mo will lift a Apple Watch Series 6, nonetheless no pricing information has been announced yet.


And afterwards there’s a Apple Watch SE. This is a some-more affordable entrance into Apple’s smartwatch lineup, charity several upgrades over a Apple Watch Series 3 that has been a lower-cost entrance into a Apple Watch ecosystem adult until now.

The Apple Watch SE facilities a bigger arrangement than a Series 3, identical to a past few flagship Apple Watch models. It’s also got a same always-on altimeter, accelerometer, and gyroscope found in a new Apple Watch Series 6, nonetheless there’s no always-on arrangement here.

Also inside a Apple Watch SE is a S5 chip from final year’s Apple Watch Series 5. This S5 chip is adult to dual times faster than a processor found in a Apple Watch Series 3.

Features from other new Apple Watch models like tumble detection, Emergency SOS, Walkie-Talkie, and an softened orator and microphone for phone calls and Siri are all enclosed with a Apple Watch SE as well.

The Apple Watch SE starts during $279 for a GPS indication and $329 for a GPS + Cellular version. It’s accessible to sequence from Apple today and will launch on Friday. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert appears to have reliable that T-Mo will sell a Apple Watch SE, too, nonetheless there’s no word on T-Mobile’s pricing only yet.

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