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Apple iPhone 4S vs. Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Which One …

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  |  October 6 2011 12:25 EDT (New York) by Hope Kroog


The new iPhone 4S supports 14.4 Mbps HSDPA (high speed downlink parcel access), a record associated to a GSM/UNTS standards and used on unfamiliar networks. The iPhone 4 usually supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA. However, both Verizon Wireless and Sprint run on CDMA’s 3G EVDO and can't entrance a new HSDPA speed. ATT does have HSDPA capacity, though has small to no support for 14.4 Mbps service.


In contrast, a Motorola Droid Bionic, that done a entrance in Sep and is usually carried by Verizon, runs on CDMA + 4G/LTE. Real universe tests for Verizon’s LTE network have consistently achieved speeds of 9-11 Mbps for downloads. This means that applications launch quickly, and mixed apps can be open and simply permitted concurrently. The usually obstacle is that 4G LTE cooking adult battery life, so it’s tough to get by a day on a singular charge.   


This is not good news for smartphone aficionados in a United States (and who isn’t?), who are desirous for a some-more absolute phone that lasts all day. This is also where a new Nexus Prime, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, might come in. It is approaching to run on LTE or HSPA depending on a carrier, and have a 1750 mAh battery – vs. a Droid’s 1735 mAh battery and a iPhone’s 1420 mAh battery. However, like a Droid, a Galaxy Nexus will apparently have to be taller, wider, thicker and heavier than a iPhone to support a battery.


Samsung has hinted that it will premiere this latest smartphone on Oct 11, in a special Samsung+Google eventuality in San Diego. Following so fast on a heels of Apple’s unsatisfactory iPhone 4S announcement, Samsung is clearly perplexing to gain on Apple’s viewed weaknesses. However, if their phone unequivocally does live adult to a hype, it will fast burst to a personality of a pack.


And there’s usually 5 days to wait before we find out.




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