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AOKP [b32] Battery Life [Toro]

OK, so I’ve been an Android user given a strange Droid. Since afterwards we have owned a Droid X, Droid Bionic and now a Galaxy Nexus (VZW). In other words, we am flattering gifted with a Android OS and flashing tradition ROMS, kernels, etc.

Since we purchased my Gnex, we have flattering most kept it batch other than unlocking a bootloader, rooting a phone and commissioned a leaked 4.0.4 update.

Well, a integrate of weeks ago we motionless it was time to try out one of a smashing ROMs that are available. After reading a lot of opposite threads on all a ROMs, we motionless to download and implement AOKP [b32]. we wiped all before installing a ROM and all commissioned ideally though any problems.

I don’t use Titanium Backup or any identical apps to revive anything. we let Google/Android revive all my apps given we don’t unequivocally play any games or anything like that, so I’m not unequivocally disturbed about any blank data. So after restoring my phone behind to a approach we like to have it, we started looking into all a tradition things one can do with a ROM. we was unequivocally tender with a lot of a options and tweaks this ROM allows we to do. we motionless to leave a ROM as is in batch form, to get a feeling for a opening and battery life.

Well, after a initial week of use, we was unequivocally tender with how well-spoken it ran, though a usually thing we was not tender with was a battery life. I’m an normal user and compared to what we used to get for battery on a batch ROM, we was usually removing about 50% of that with AOKP. we motionless to go forward an make during slightest one change to see if battery life would improve, so we went forward and underclocked a CPU to 810MHz for Max and left a smallest during 350MHz. we also altered a scaling administrator to Conservative and motionless not to disaster with a voltage so we left that stock.

I have been using my phone with those settings for roughly a week now and haven’t unequivocally beheld any alleviation on battery life. we don’t have anything commissioned on a phone that we didn’t have before, so we don’t trust there are any brute apps removal a battery.

I know they are now on Build 34, though we haven’t upgraded given we didn’t notice anything in a change logs that would indicate towards any improvements on battery life or performance.

I now have an extended battery on my phone and with assuage use I’m usually means to get about 8 hours of use if I’m lucky, where before we was simply means to get 12-14 hours.

Does anyone have any pointers on what we could try to urge this? If not, we consider we competence only peep a batch ROM again and continue to use that.

Thanks in advance.

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