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Android L Feature Spotlight: Recents

Android L Recents

This summer brought us Android L, a latest and biggest refurbish to Google’s mobile handling system. Even yet Android L was not done accessible for a public, Google expelled Developer Preview builds for both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013 for contrast purposes.

Besides permitting developers to see how their apps demeanour and act in Android L, a Developer Preview builds also concede use to take an early demeanour during a facilities that will be introduced by a new Android update. This post aims to uncover we a changes Android L brings to a Recents screen.

Besides changing a approach a navigation buttons demeanour like, Google has also altered a approach a Recents shade looks and behaves. The Android L Recents has received a Material Design makeover and brings softened functionality.

The small thumbnails of a final non-stop apps have been transposed by a cards built one over another. In fact, a Recents shade looks a lot like Chromes non-stop tabs screen. It also brings a, how Google likes to call it, document-centric multitasking, permitting certain apps to uncover some-more than one label in a Recents screen. For example, Chrome can uncover a recents label for any non-stop tab.

Google unsuccessful to exhibit when Android L will be expelled for a public, but, if a latest reports are to be believed, a new refurbish will be rolled out someday late Sep or early October. What are your favorite Android L features? Please let us know in comments.

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