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Android Crushed a Smartphone Competition Last Quarter

The smartphone OS space looks a whole lot opposite than it did a year ago. Android has severely stepped adult to turn a tip dog, Symbian is a force no more, and iOS … well, not all changes.

Gartner’s Nov mobile device news gives us a numbers. Android OS leads a container with a 52.5 percent tellurian marketplace share, usually about double a 25 percent it had final summer.

The iOS marketplace share forsaken slightly, from 16.6 to 15 percent. And Symbian continued a delayed impetus to obsolescence, dropping from a market-leading 36.3 percent in 2010 to merely 17 percent this final quarter.

In Gartner’s report, researcher Roberta Cozz says dual pivotal factors led to Apple’s dump in marketplace share: consumers watchful for a rumored new iPhone, and consumers watchful for compared cost cuts for comparison iPhones. Indeed, that was something Apple identified in a fourth-quarter benefit report, that somewhat missed researcher expectations. Now span that with a slew of clever Android offerings, from a Droid Bionic (pictured above) and Droid 3 to a HTC EVO 3D and Photon 4G. Consumers had a inexhaustible accumulation of large, dual-core Android stunners to select from while watchful for Apple to broach a new handset.

Android has a different spectrum of devices, trimming from being inexpensive, good underneath $100, to high-end LTE devices. There’s a device during each cost indicate and underline set,” Gartner researcher Hugues de la Vergne says.

Nonetheless, de la Vergne believes iOS will brush divided marketplace prevalence from Android subsequent entertain (in a US during least), now that Apple has a far-reaching progression of iPhones accessible during a series of cost points.

The Gartner news also records that Windows Phone‘s marketplace share dropped, from 2.7 percent in a third entertain of 2010 to usually 1.5 percent this year. Windows didn’t have most going on in a summer, with a booty of a partnership with Nokia, namely a Nokia Lumia 800, usually commencement to benefit some inflection this entertain (unfortunately, a phone won’t even be accessible in a US until 2012). Nokia usually has single-digit marketplace share in a US, anyway.

Still, with some operators losing faith in RIM, de la Vergne says, generally as we wait for inclination using BlackBerry’s new OS, Windows Phone has a good window of event in that it could collect adult some marketplace share.

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