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Android 4.4.2 OTA Update for Sprint LG G2 Now Rolling out

LG G2 Android 4.4.2

According to Sprint’s website, a LG G2 Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA refurbish is now being pushed to users. The refurbish comes about a month after T-Mobile and ATT expelled it for their G2 variants.

As usual, we are traffic with a staged hurl out, so it can take several days until a new firmware is delivered to all users. If we accept a Android 4.4.2 refurbish presentation on your Sprint LG G2, all we need to do is download it, afterwards name “Install now” after a download have finished. Your smartphone will restart afterwards get upgraded to KitKat. You should also try checking for a refurbish manually underneath Settings System Updates Update LG program Check now. Alternatively, we can squeeze a USB cable, offshoot adult your smartphone to a PC, and check for a refurbish regulating a LG PC messenger app. If we select a OTA method, it’s endorsed to download a refurbish record by a WiFi tie to equivocate information charges.

Sprint didn’t supposing a full changelog for a LG G2 Android 4.4.2 update, yet they did discuss that it will move a repair for a Next Radio audio issue. Anyway, we will unequivocally get a KitKat-specific goodies too, such as cloud printing, full shade manuscript and film art in a lockscreen, immersive mode, emoji support, white icons in a standing bar, pure standing and nav bars, and a new Location menu. Even yet it was rumored that a LG G2 will get a Knock Code underline that debuted on a LG G Pro 2, there’s no discuss of it in a refurbish that is now being rolled out by Sprint.

Are there any Sprint LG G2 owners among you? Have we perceived a Android 4.4.2 KitKat update? Noticed any improvements and / or changes? Please let us know in comments.

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  • I havent perceived it yet…but my emanate is small to no 4G in a dim immature coverage area(76306)…might have to go down to a Sprint store

    • Just bc a dim immature on a map doesnt meant your gonna get good vigilance strength…all cariers maps i find unequivocally overexaggerate their vigilance strength in any sold area…i find that they contend that strength in ideal conditions not bland conditions

      • all i know is, my phone had nor problem with LTE during and in my residence given i got it in december. Now, it will usually get 3G in a accurate same area…weird

  • Just got a refurbish and it’s a immeasurable alleviation to an already good phone, usually unequivocally wish hit on formula

  • FYI, no PC Sync program accessible for Sprint phones. Just have to wait for OTA to prompt.

  • No douse mode, no knrock code, no manuscript art or film art with KitKat on a lg g2 for Sprint.

  • Ya know this is all bs. Just another approach of removing comsumers all hyped adult over nothing, so i contend interjection for nothing. we am offered my lg g2 and going else where. Maybe behind to sumsung. Who knows.
    Hopefully a subsequent association will be some-more honest, later!

  • I’m assured they usually hurl out these updates to screw adult a phones. Every intelligent phone I’ve ever had works good for about a year, afterwards some program refurbish comes out and afterwards a problems start until we finally embankment it and buy a new one.

    Also a hit on underline on my LG G2 has stopped working, some suggested this might assistance yet I’m doubtful

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