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Android 12’s bubbly Material You-themed Easter egg is live in Beta 4

With a latest Android 12 beta, we’re one step closer to a finalized fast build shipping someday this fall. Along with reaching a new milestone, today’s refurbish also includes one of a many critical traditions in a annual smartphone refresh: a Easter egg. After an early preview seemed in Beta 3, we can finally try it out for yourself.

Android‘s latest dark tip involves dual elements: Material You and a series 12. This year’s Easter egg feels designed to uncover off only how glorious Google’s new theming engine unequivocally is. No matter what wallpaper we select, a charcterised time will lift a colors from your backdrop.

By default, a time matches your system’s time, though there’s an interactive component as well. If we spin clockwise around a dial, you’ll speed adult both hands of a clock. On live wallpapers, this movement accelerates a charcterised elements of your background.

No matter that wallpaper you’re using, we can clear a final tip in Google’s Easter egg by environment a time to 12. The dial bursts into Android‘s latest chronicle logo, replacing your wallpaper with Material You froth highlighting any comparison tone from your backdrop. It’s not as in-depth as some of a other dark inclusions in new updates, though it’s a fun approach to flourish Google’s marquee underline for a year.

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