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An Extraordinary Necessary Sanitary System

We adore it when a tyro plan takes off, going from a judgment area to being satisfied into an tangible product… some-more so when it’s a medical/social-awareness project! The Flo is a smashing product that creates an easy, efficient, discreet, and healthy complement for women and girls in farming areas to wash, dry, and store their spotless pads.

The amicable tarnish around menstruation still exists even currently in farming areas, to a border that girls mostly equivocate going to propagandize while on their period, lest they be teased or shamed. Even worse, usually 10% of families can means to buy reusable spotless pads (most families rest on rags and bits of cloth), and a families that do squeeze spotless pads refrain from soaking them scrupulously or drying them out in a sun, underneath fear of permitting a rest of a multitude to see them. Flo creates a finish complement for storing, carrying, washing, and drying spotless napkins in a approach that is efficient, engaging, and discreet, in an try to solemnly mislay a tarnish behind menstruation while creation certain a girls stay healthy, during an affordable price.

Rather than being a insubordinate spotless pad (there are too many, contend a designers behind Flo), a Flo is instead an whole kit, going all a approach from a witty soaking apparatus, to a secluded application belt for carrying used and new pads, all a approach to a box in that cleared pads can be dusty and uninformed pads can be stored. We’re generally in adore with a soaking apparatus that uses plain production (torsion) to spin a little drum during high speeds, effectively soaking as good as drying used pads. The apparatus is palm operated and can be finished solo, regulating probably no energy!

The Flo is a pleasing and superb resolution that works since it looks during a whole problem right in a eye. Rather than redesigning a pad (which many people have attempted over years), or perplexing to change society’s notice (which requires implausible amounts of time and patience), a Flo only provides a rarely affordable resolution that works ideally in a benefaction scenario, permitting immature girls to stay healthy, comfortable, confident, and really not skip out on propagandize and life!

The Flo is a leader of a IDEA endowment (Gold), and has also cumulative a prestigious James Dyson Award.

Designers: Mariko Higaki Iwai, Sohyun Kim, Tatijana Vasily, Charlotte Wong Benjamin Freedman











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