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Alexander: Is digital wire slower than promote television?

QI have dual digital TVs in my house, one connected to Comcast wire and a other picking adult over-the-air broadcasts. I’m vacant during a time disproportion between them. On some channels, Comcast is some-more than 10 seconds behind a over-the-air broadcast. Why does this check exist and because is it so large?

With analog TV, there was roughly no time disproportion between a promote and wire TV signals. Is digital a step backward?


ADigital TV signals do deliver delays that didn’t exist before. And a trail a digital TV vigilance takes to strech we can delayed things even more.

At a simplest level, if one of your TVs has a digital video recorder and a other doesn’t, we can censure a DVR for negligence a vigilance as it records.

Beyond that, wire TV signals are a few seconds slower than promote TV for several reasons.

In over-the-air TV, a promote building is usually a few miles divided from you. Because TV signals transport during a speed of light, accepting is roughly instantaneous.

But Comcast in a Twin Cities receives a TV signals from a primogenitor association around communications satellites. That means a TV vigilance has to be transmitted scarcely 45,000 miles to and from a satellite to strech a Twin Cities, that takes about a entertain of a second, even during a speed of light.

Other delays are combined in estimate a TV vigilance for smoothness to and accepting from a satellite. And, as a TV vigilance is transmitted by a internal wire system, it contingency be intermittently amplified, that causes some-more delay.

Finally, a change from analog to digital TV signals has combined a new delay. Digital signals are encoded and dense for transmission, and your TV or digital set-top box has to spend time classification them out.

Because few people use both wire and promote TV, a wire time check hasn’t been a problem.

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I get a “mail smoothness failure” when we send something to a printer’s e-mail residence around a Wi-Fi hotspot on my Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone. What should we do?



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