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Alcatel Phones Philippines : Price, Specs, Photos

Alcatel Mobile has recently awoken from its slumber and released several new phones in the Philippines.

And they’ve got various categories covered! We have an Alcatel Android phone, a full QWERTY candybar handset made specifically for Yahoo! fans, a Dual-SIM touchscreen phone with Social Networking Services integration, a music-centric handset and a touch-and-type QWERTY variant.

Check them all out:

alcatel phones

Alcatel One Touch Net is a Yahoo-centric QWERTY phone that features a 2 MegaPixel camera, FM radio and an optical trackpad. You can get it for only Php 3,999.

The most expensive handset in Alcatel’s current line-up in the Philippines is Alcatel OneTouch Tribe Omni OT-980, which costs Php 7,999. It’s an Android touchscreen phone sporting a slide-out full QWERTY keypad. Tribe Omni supports both 3G and Wifi connectivity.

OneTouch Tribe OT-806D is another touch-and-type handset from Alcatel. Like Omni, it comes with both a touchscreen and a QWERTY pad. However, it runs a proprietary SNS-centric operating system instead of Android.

Most afforable of the bunch is Php 1,299 Alcatel One Touch Groove OT-305, which sports an alpha-numeric keypad, VGA camera, MP3 player and FM radio. Full QWERTY OneTouch Tribe Express OT-355D is just slightly more expensive at Php 1,699.

Lastly, we have OT-710D, a full touchscreen DUAL-SIM handset with a 2 MegaPixel camera and FM transmitter. That one costs Php 3,499.

We’ve yet to review any of these phones so we can’t really vouch for their quality.
Do you own one? What can you say about your Alcatel phone?

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  1. princess says:

    thumb’s up!
    whoever you are, you did a great job for putting this up. i’ve been searching for days and days for the actual mall price, and voila! there you are! Biggie thanks!

  2. Nina Javier says:

    Hi, where can I buy the OT-710D for 3.499 and the OT-806 for 4,999? Because here in Davao they cost P6,000+?

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