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Air cleanser for your small one

What is some-more critical than looking after a possess health? Its looking after that of a new-born! PURIO has been designed to make this charge only that small bit easier, as good as creation a relatives bustling and indeterminate lifestyle a bit reduction stressful!

This singular pattern clips onto a hiker that a small one resides in, and rather independently purifies a atmosphere directly in front of them, stealing excellent dirt and pollutants from a atmosphere and interlude them from reaching their building lungs! To rouse a use of PURIO further, a delegate duty has been seamlessly integrated into a singular form; mounted on a tip of a device is a camera that provides a consistent feed to a parent’s intelligent device, providing them with reassurance!

Designers: Hyeseung Nam Fountain Studio

Place a cradle in a hiker bar and lean it to adjust a camera angle.

Inside a filter cartridge, there is a pre-filter to filter out vast dirt and HEPA filter for purifying excellent dust. LED light on a right symbol informs we when filters need to be replaced.

The focus notifies we of today’s atmosphere peculiarity and alerts we when atmosphere catharsis is required. Through a camera on a tip of PURIO, we can check what your child is doing in real-time.

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