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After X2, Motorola Droid 3 to skip LTE in preference of Bionic?

Motorola Droid 3Motorola’s Droid 3 will not offer Droid Bionic’s LTE feature.

Looks like Motorola will give a Droid Bionic a Verizon LTE exclusivity.

According to Business Insider, a arriving Droid 3 will not support Verizon’s blazing discerning Long Term Evolution signal. The third installment of a renouned Motorola Droid code phone is reportedly shipping with a slip out QWERTY keyboard that includes dedicated series buttons for discerning encoding.

The new gossip also reliable a 4 in. qHD arrangement of a Droid 3, that is during slightest 0.3 inches incomparable than a stream Droid model, a Droid 2. The unnamed tipster of a website also suggested that a Droid 3 is packaged with dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and a phone can fire HD videos with an 8 megapixels rear-facing camera, and also supports video call around an different MP peculiarity front-facing camera.

Apparently, a rumored pivotal facilities of a Droid 3 and a announced specs of a Droid Bionic during CES final entertain are almost a same, solely a LTE and a slide-out keyboard. If this new trickle is true, afterwards there’s another reason to still wait for Moto’s Droid Bionic LTE phone that competence strike stores subsequent quarter.

Speaking of Moto’s Droids, Verizon Wireless started offered a Motorola Droid X2 final week around online store, and will sell a phone in Verizon Wireless Communication Stores on May 26th for $199.99 with a new two-year patron agreement.

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