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According to FCC Filing, DROID RAZR HD Will Have a 2530mAH Battery Inside

A Motorola phone by a indication series XT926, one that Moto employees outed as a DROID RAZR HD, cruised by a FCC, giving us a demeanour during a radio setup and confirming that it will be nearing on Verizon. One thing that a universe ignored though, was a fact that a FCC filing listed out a battery that is inside. One of our readers held it right away, indicating out that request “Exhibit 11 RF Exposure Info 1″ has a “Testing” territory that describes a distance and a fact that it will be non-removable. 

The Cellular Phone indication lonesome by this news has a following battery options:

Model SNN5915A – 2530 mAH battery

The Model SNN5915A battery is an internally-sealed battery contained within a DUT, and might not be private by a end-user. This battery was used to do all of a SAR testing. The phone was placed in a SAR dimensions complement with a entirely charged battery.

I consider it’s protected to contend that many of we were anticipating for a 3300mAH battery that Motorola tucked inside a RAZR MAXX, however, 2530 mAH is still bigger than any other phone now comes batch with. This should still get we by an whole day, generally if it ends adult with one of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon S4 chipsets inside.

Now a doubt becomes, “Will there indeed be a DROID RAZR MAXX HD?” Please say, “No.”

Cheers Blasmonk and Russ!


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